Camp Constitution’s Report for January-September, 2018

Our Annual Family Camp:  This was our first year at the Lakeside Christian Camp and Conference Center in Pittsfield, MA.    We had our most successful camp and out largest turnout  in  our 11 year history.  We assembled an outstanding group of  instructors which included first-timers  Dr. Duke Pesta, Lord Christopher Monckton,  Debbie Bacigalupi, and Barbara from Harlem.  We had over 18 junior campers (ages 5-11), and attendees from as far as California, Florida, Louisiana and Great Britain. Mr. John Mead, the director of Lakeside, asked us how Lakeside can help promote next year’s camp which runs from July 28-August 3.
Weekend Camp:    We were disappointed by the results of our September weekend camp held in Maine,  but we did learn a lesson for planning future camps.  We “broke even”  but did get an excellent video presentation by Professor Willie Soon, and had the opportunity to introduce our program to some new people.
The Sam Blumenfeld Archives:
       Hits:   1,291.480  Alpha-Phonics Downloaded 82,199.  NEA Book:  1,889.
 We received an E-mail from one of the users telling us to reset her password because she was locked out and, needed to get back in to teach her class.  Dr. Peter Hammond of Frontline Ministries South Africa learned about the archive and told us that he will link the archives from his web site.  A president of a well known Christian college signed up for access to  the archives, and we are noticing that educators from around the U.S. are signing up as well.
YouTube:  Over 800,000 views.   We are averaging about 1,000  views per day.  We are down from the last quarter but our 2018 Camp Constitution classes are popular.   We updated our channel creating numerous play lists Professor Willie Soon’s first class at last year’s camp has received almost 135,,000 views.  As mentioned in an earlier message, YouTube demonetized our channel,
Facebook Page: 
Our Facebook page has over 1,661 likes.  We are experiencing modest growth but could do much better with new likes.   Our live videos average over 3,000 views.
Speakers Bureau:
We either hosted or were guest speakers at 31 events.
We appeared as guests on 12 radio stations including two for the first time.  We guest hosted a show in Connecticut-the Lori on Liberty Show.  Our instructors appeared as guest on several live on line shows including the “Morse Force,” ‘The Dr. Duke Show,” and “Uncompromised Talk.”   Our Christian Flag Lawsuit generated hundreds of articles in all over the United States including “The Chicago Tribune,” “The Los Angeles Times,” “The Boston Globe,” World Net Daily, and several Boston area TV stations.  
Article V Convention opposition:
We testified against resolutions in Maine and New Hampshire where all pending resolutions were defeated.  In New Hampshire, the committee hearing the proposed resolutions soundly defeated the Convention of States resolution 17-1.  The Wolf PAC resolution which passed in committee in Massachusetts was changed to a non binding resolution.   In late March, we held a press conference and outreach at the Pennsylvania State House with several members of the media on hand.  In Maine, we interviewed  State Rep Sheldon Hannington who sponsored an Article V Convention but now strongly opposes one.  We continue to post updates and info on pending resolutions to our friends in New England, PA, OH, and MI.
Camp Constitution Radio on Podomatic:
Our Podomatic page continues to be in the top ten (most days-out of approximately 160) for the category of   “Conservative-Right with  1,179  shows downloaded and 3,504 visits. Our show originates on WBCQ The Planet and is heard twice a week on the station as well as  weekly  on and on our YouTube Channel
Camp Constitution Books:
Last year, we created an account on Amazon selling donated books.  This year we have sold over $4,000 worth of books either via Amazon or on Facebook.  We have been blessed by donations of over 2,000 books including  recent donations from Professor Mike Patterson, Ed Sargent, and Bill McNally,
Special Projects:  In early June, we presented 1,200 pocket  copies of the U.S.Constitution tothe Manchester, NH School Committee.   We also donated copies of the Constitution to “Constitution Camp” in Chillicothe, Ohio, a teacher on Cape Cod, and a Boston, MA area talk show host where he will make them available to his listeners. Mr. John Grieco donated 4.000 copies of the U.S. Constitution to us.   Attorney Michelle Arace who attended camp this year, is donating her services to copyright Camp Constitution.
Camp Constitution Media:
We videotaped presentations at 14  events, and made them available on our YouTube Channel
We had  info tables at 14 events (other than our own) including three homeschool shows: Homeschoolers of Maine, Mass Hope, and CHAPs in PA, and floats in the Flag Day Parade in Dedham, MA, and the July 4th Parade in Pittsfield MA where we passed out over  1,000  copies of the U.S. Constitution.
Other Activities:
I was appointed director of the Samuel Blumenfeld Foundation which is a 501 (c) 3.  The Foundation has the rights to “Phonics for Success.”
The fourth quarter was off to a good start with several speaking engagements, a float in a parade, and TV and radio interviews
  How you can help grow our program:
  Make a monthly donation via our PayPal account accessed from our homepage:
 Start a Constitution Club
  Host a “What is Camp Constitution” presentation in your areas
  Introduce people to the Sam Blumenfeld Archives:
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It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the director of Camp Constitution  Thank you for all you do to help make our camp program possible. .  May God bless you and may He continue to bless our important work of “Honoring the Past…Teaching the Present and Preparing the  Future.”
Hal Shurtleff, Director of Camp Constitution

Christopher Columbus Conqueror for Christ


Last year, I had the opportunity to interview Mr. William Brown of Citizens in Christ on Camp Constitution Radio.  The topic was Christopher Columbus-another target of the Cultural Marxists.  Here is a link to the interview:

An excellent book on the subject is “Columbus and Cortez,  Conquerors for Christ” by John Eidsmoe




The Weekly Sam: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America


Charlotte Iserbyt has put her great exposé of the dumbing-down agenda of American education on the Internet, so that anyone can now read it and download it free of charge. The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America is a big book and so very important that anyone interested in the future of this country must read it. I wrote a Foreword for the book that basically explains what Charlotte achieved by her incredible research based on documents she took out of the files of the Department of Education in Washington, where she worked as a Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) during the first Reagan administration. She is the consummate whistleblower, with an overwhelming sense of responsibility as a public servant and a parent. Here’s the essence of what I wrote: Charlotte Iserbyt is to be greatly commended for having put together the most formidable and practical compilation of documentation describing the “deliberate dumbing down” of American children by their education system. Anyone interested in the truth will be shocked by the way American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect of millions of American children for the purpose of leading the American people into a socialist world government controlled by behavioral and social scientists. Mrs. Iserbyt has also documented the gradual transformation of our once academically successful education system into one devoted to training children to become compliant human resources to be used by government and industry for their own purposes. This is how fascist-socialist societies train their children to become servants of their government masters. The successful implementation of this new philosophy of education will spell the end of the American dream of individual freedom and opportunity. The government will plan your life for you, and unless you comply with government restrictions and regulations your ability to pursue a career of your own choice will be severely limited. What is so mind boggling is that all of this is being financed by the American people themselves through their own taxes. In other words, the American people are underwriting the destruction of their own freedom and way of life by lavishly financing through federal grants the very social scientists who are undermining our national sovereignty and preparing our children to become the dumbed-down vassals of the new world order.

It reminds one of how the Nazis charged their victims train fare to their own doom. One of the interesting insights revealed by these documents is how the social engineers use a deliberately created education “crisis” to move their agenda forward by offering radical reforms that are sold to the public as fixing the crisis — which they never do. The new reforms simply set the stage for the next crisis, which provides the pretext for the next move forward. This is the dialectical process at work, a process our behavioral engineers have learned to use very effectively. Its success depends on the ability of the “change agents” to continually deceive the public which tends to believe anything the experts tell them. And so, our children continue to be at risk in America’s schools. They are at risk academically because of such programs as whole language, mastery learning, direct instruction, Skinnerian operant conditioning, all of which have created huge learning problems that inevitably lead to what is commonly known as Attention Deficit Disorder and the drugging of four million children with the powerful drug Ritalin. Mrs. Iserbyt has dealt extensively with the root causes of immorality in our society and the role of the public schools in the teaching of moral relativism (no right/no wrong ethics).

She raises a red flag regarding the current efforts of left-wing  and liberals and right-wing conservatives (radical center) to come up with a new kid on the block — “common ground” character education — which will, under the microscope, turn out to be the same warmed-over values education alert parent groups have resisted for over 50 years. This is a perfect example of the Hegelian Dialectic at work. (Karl Marx’s communist philosophy is called “Dialectical Materialism.”) The reader will find in this book a plethora of information that will leave no doubt in the mind of the serious researcher exactly where the American education system is headed. If we wish to stop this juggernaut toward a socialist-fascist system, then we must restore educational freedom to America. Americans forget that the present government education system started as a Prussian import in the 1840’s–’50’s. It was a system built on Hegel’s belief that the state was “God” walking on earth. The only way to restore educational freedom, and put education back into the hands of parents where it belongs, is to get the federal government, with its coercive policies, out of education. The billions of dollars being spent by the federal government to destroy educational freedom must be halted, and that can only be done by getting American legislators to understand that the American people want to remain a free people, in charge of their own lives and the education of their children And since finally conservatives in Congress are seeking ways to reduce the size and cost of government, a good place to start is in dismantling the U.S. Department of Education. That’s one way to stop financing the deliberate dumbing down of America. To get to the free download of Charlotte’s book, click here:

You can still buy the book if you prefer to have a hard copy that you can read at your leisure and pass on to friends and relatives. And if you still have children in the public schools, you’ll know exactly what is going on inside those walls

A link to the Sam Blumenfeld Archives:


Camp Constitution’s Videos Demonetized By YouTube


Yesterday, Camp Constitution received the following message from YouTube:

“Hi Camp Constitution,
During a recent review, our team of policy specialists carefully looked over the videos you’ve uploaded to your channel Camp Constitution and found that they are not in line with our YouTube Partner Program policies. As of today, your channel is not eligible to monetize and you will not have access to monetization tools and features. Please go to your monetization page to read more about the specific policy our specialists flagged.
We have a responsibility to ensure our community is safe for creators, viewers and advertisers, which means sometimes making difficult decisions like this one. At the same time, we understand that everyone makes mistakes. That’s why you’ll be able to reapply for the YouTube Partner Program in 30 days. If you make changes to your channel you may be able to get your monetization features back.

What this means for your channel
You still have access to most other creator features, and can:
Upload videos
Edit or delete your videos
Communicate with your audience
You cannot:
Monetize new or existing videos
Receive AdSense payments for past YouTube revenue
Earn revenue from YouTube Premium, channel memberships, or Super Chat
Contact the YouTube Creator Support team
There is no change to how your videos are promoted in our search and recommendation systems.”

We have joined a growing number of conservative, and patriotic individuals and organizations who have been victims of the social justice warriors  at YouTube.   Our channel is closing in on one million views, and over 3,300 subscribers.  While it may be modest compared to the thousands of other channels, we have enjoyed an increase in views and subscribers.  A few of our videos have enjoyed over 100,000 views. We will be uploading our videos on a YouTube alternative that isn’t run by social justice warriors.  Thankfully, this action will not harm us significantly.  Just what YouTube finds so offensive?  Take a look at our Channel and see what subversive things we promote:

Please help  Camp Constitution expand its outreach by making a monthly donation via our PayPal account accessed via our web site’s homepage:  


Thank you for your support and making our program possible.

Hal Shurtleff, Director

Camp Constitution


U.N. Won’t Laugh at Trump For Long

Today, some delegates at the  Communist and Cut-Throat Club also know as the United Nations laughed at President Donald Trump while he was giving a speech at its headquarters today.  Well, we will see who at this vile, racist anti-American organization will laugh when the United States leaves the U.N. and kicks its delegates out of New York.

Here is a link to an excellent presentation that John McManus did at our 2018 family camp:

George Washingtons Farewell Address

On Sept. 19, 1796, the American Daily Advertiser published George Washington’s farewell address.  For years, it was required reading in the schools of the United States.  While reading the address is not on the  agenda of most of today’s “educators,” it certainly is on Camp Constitution’s agenda.

Download the address reprinted by Camp Constitution Press:

Also available on SCRIBD:

And a link to a video of a reading of Washington’s Farewell Address by Pastor Garrett Lear:

Constitution Day 2019

Yesterday  was Constitution Day which celebrates the signing of the U.S. Constitution September 17, 1787.  We believe that the best way to honor the Framers of the U.S. Constitution is to read the U.S. Constitution,  understand it, teach it, and hold all elected, and appointed officials accountable to it. 
Camp Constitution designed a 10 question quiz we we use at our information tables to help challenge and teach the public about our Constitution.  Here is a link to the quiz:     

 And here is a link to a short audio presentation we did on the quiz: 

 Happy Constitution Day.  May God Bless our great nation.  

 Hal Shurtleff
Camp Constitution

9/11– 2001

Tuesday morning September 11, 2001, I left my home in Hyde Park (Boston) and took the subway to Logan Airport. It was a beautiful late summer day. I boarded a plane to Detroit (Wayne County Airport). The plane was suppose to fly onto LA. It was the same terminal which two of the planes that were hijacked. originated.    When the plane was making its descent into Wayne County Airport, the pilot’s reassuring vice came over the PA”  “There has been a security breech and you will have make other arrangements.”  When we deplaned and arrived into the terminal, we soon realized what that breech was.

Let us not only remember the victims of the tragedy and their families, but the evil monsters responsible for the attack.  And the attack wasn’t done because the terrorists were jealous of our way of life.  It was a preemptive strike by militant Muslims who have long declared war against the West.