The Weekly Sam: The Victims of Dick and Jane

Sam Blumenfeld figured out that the Look-Sat Method of reading was crippling American children.  One of the main reading books used to do that was the “Dick and Jane Reader.”  Sam would point how ridiculous the reader was and demonstrated how it promoted illiteracy.  In 2003, Sam published “The Victims of Dick and Jane.”  Here is a link to the book:


The Blumenfeld Archives

The Weekly Sam: Before Common Core There Was Outcome Based Education

Sam Blumenfeld was one of the first to expose the deliberate dumbing down of America.  Sam named names and organization behind this crime.  Here is an interview Sam did back  in 1993 in the home of David Drye while he was on a speaking tour in North Carolina

to expose the fraud called Outcome Based Education:




The Battle of Lexington Reenactment 2017

For the past 18 years, I have attended  the reenactment of the Battle of Lexington that takes place on the Lexington, MA  Green on Patriots Day.  This year it fell on Monday April 17.  Over the years, I have brought family  members,  children’s friends, Camp Constitution families, and others to witness the reenactment of this important historical event.  We get up at 3:30 AM, and make the 25 minute drive to Lexington.  We make a  stop off at Peat’s to buy a cup hot chocolate,  and off to  find a good spot to view the reenactment.  After the reenactment, the Lexington Minutemen march to the Old Burying Ground where many of the Lexington Militiamen are buried to fire a volley honoring their sacrifices.  We then make out way to Wilson’s Diner in Waltham for an early breakfast, and maybe, a trip to nearby Concord to witness their reenactment and parade.  It never gets old.  My son Nathaniel videotaped this year’s reenactment and we posted it to our Youtube Channel:


The Weekly Sam: Eugenics and the Making of a Black Underclass

Sam Blumenfeld wrote a monthly newsletter from 1986 to 1999 which we have archived.  In my opinion, one of the most important newsletter was the June 1987 entitled “Eugenics and the Making of a Black Underclass.

Sam demonstrates the racist roots of the Left and the racist roots of the IQ test.  Please download the newsletter and share it widely

The Blumenfeld Archives


The Weekly Sam: The NEA Trojan Horse in American Education

Sam Blumenfeld was one of the first, if not the first, researcher to uncover the pernicious influence of the National Education Association. In 1984, he published one of his most important books exposing the NEA, The NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education.  We are happy to make it available as a free download from our Sam Blumenfled Archives:

We are delightfully surprised over the popularity of the Sam Blumenfeld Archives and how it has been a blessing to so many people.  We are averaging over 150,000 views per month, and we estimate that we have had over 20,000 books downloaded last year.  While the archives are free, we do need financial support to maintain, promote, and update the site.  Donations to Camp Constitution may be make via our PayPal account accessed from our homepage.  Please support our efforts and help us make Sam’s word available for generations to come:

The Weekly Sam: Moise Tshombe and Sam Blumenfeld

Sam Blumenfeld was one of the founders of “American Friends of Katanga.”  Few Americans know anything about Katanga, and the atrocities that racist United Nations’s “peacekeepers” committed against the people of the Province of Katanga which was once part of the Belgian Congo-now Zaire.   The leader of Katanga was Dr. Moise Tshombe.  He was a pro-Western, anti-communist, Christian who had the support of the people of his fledgling nation.  Sam Blumenfeld got to befriend that great man and thanks to our archives, we have made their correspondence available on line.  Here is the link from the archive:

In 1964, Sam conducted an interview of Dr. Tshombe while he was in exilce in Madrid, Spain:

The atrocities that were committed by the United Nations continue to this day.  This is why we need to Get out of the United Nations.






The Weekly Sam: Sam Blumenfeld and Rudolf Flesch, author of “Why Johnny Can’t Read.”

Sam Blumenfeld dedicated his life to teaching people of all ages how to be good readers via intensive phonics.  While he was an editor for Grosset and Dunlop in the early 1960s,  he was asked be a friend, Watson Washburn, a conservative New York attorney, if he would join his reading foundation.  Sam was initially perplexed since he didn’t know that there was a reading problem.  He thought that practically everyone knew how to read.  Mr. Washburn suggested that he read “Why Johnny Can’t Read” by Rudolf  Flesch.    Sam befriended  the author of the book, Rudolf Flesch, and we have archives some of their correspondence.  It is interesting to note that Mr. Flesch called himself a “Viennese Socialist.”   A link to their corrresponsdence:


The Blumenfeld Archives

The U.S. Constitution vs Sharia Law: A Presentation by Father Michael Carl

Camp Constitution hosted “The U.S. Constitution vs. Sharia Law: A Presentation by Father Michael Carl” at the Gay-Kimball Library in Troy, NH  Saturday March 11.  Father Carl, Camp Constitution’s most recent edition to the speakers bureau, is pastor of Christ the King Charismatic Episcopal Church in Wakefield, MA.  He also served as a free lance writer for World Net Daily and has detailed knowledge of the Boston Marathon bombing.  We posted the presentation on the camp’s Youtube Channel.  Readers who would like to have Father Carl speak in their area, are welcomed to contact us.