Camp Constitution’s 2nd Annual Patriots Day Overnight Lexington, MA

While Camp Constitution has been conducting tours of Lexington Green for many years and have videotaped the Battle of Lexington Reenactment for ten years, since last year we have been hosting Patriots Day overnights for homeschool families at the Lane House in Lexington.  The overnight starts with the showing of the video Johnny Tremain-a historical fiction based on the book by Esther Forbes.  After the video, the attendees play some board game, take a tour of Lexington Battle Green and then a walk to the nearby Hancock Clark where we take in the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere Reenactment.

We return to the Lane House for a few hours’ sleep before getting up at 3:45 and walk to the Lexington Green to get a good spot for viewing the reenactment.  After the reenactment, we return to the Lane House for a hearty breakfast and fellowship.  This year’s attendees included the Johnson Family from new Boston, NH.  It was their first-time touring Lexington and takin in the two reenactments.