The Weekly Sam: The Gospel at War With the Yellow School Bus

This is a short and powerful presentation not just urging parents to get their children out of government schools but the evil ideology promoted in the government schools making the acceptance of abortion, gender mutilation and the destruction of the morals of a nation.

Sam Blumenfeld’s  work is well known to the folks at the Mid Atlantic Reformation Society, the organization that hosted this event


Second Amendment Rally Newton, MA

Camp Constitution is having a busy and productive September with speaking engagements in PA, MA, NH, ME and MI and in a few days, our 2nd annual family weekend retreat.  This video is from the Sunday September 17 Constitution Day and 2nd Amendment forum sponsored by the Norfolk County Republican Committee.  I was one of the speakers and we also had a information table at the event.

Norfolk County Republican Committee’s 2nd Amendment and Constitution Day Forum held of Sunday September 17, 2023 at the American Legion in Newton, MA. Hal Shurtleff of Camp Constitution, Toby Leary of Cape Cod Gun Works, Mike HARRIS Gun Owner’s Action League (GOAL) – Charlie COOK “Riding Shotgun with Charlie” – Committeewoman Lynne ROBERTS 2nd Amendment Sisters – Hal SHURTLEFF from Camp Constitution – Moderator Bob HISS – Toby LEARY of Cape Gun Works – Kerri Ann AUCLAIR from the DC Project – Jim WALLACE from GOAL



 Will You Go to Hell For Me?

No, I don’t want you to go to Hell for me? But I want to introduce the readers to a powerful documentary of the same name, and the writings of the man who produced the documentary- Mr. Vince Ellison who is both a friend and a Camp Constitution instructor.

One of my duties as Camp Director is to serve as a “talent scout” by being on the lookout for potential instructors at our annual camps, and speakers’ bureau.   I find these instructors in various ways:  meeting them in person at their speaking events, recommendations, and while watching and listening to media outlets.  Since our inception, we have been blessed with an incredible list of instructors including a British Lord, Christophen Monckton, one of the world’s top atmospheric scientists Professor Willie Soon, a pioneer in the modern home school movement Sam Blumenfeld, a pioneer in the Right to Life Movement Dr. Mildred Jefferson, and now and Vince Ellison.

Vince first came to my attention in an interview he did on the Tucker Carlson Show early last year where he was discussing his book The 25 Most Damnable Lies of the Democrat Party and How to Refute Them.  He and Tucker have become good friends.   I also saw him on NewsMax and listened to him on the Grace Curley Show which airs on WRKO.  I contacted Rev. Steve Craft, Camp Constitution’s chaplain and said that we need to reach out to him.    Rev. Craft visited his website, e-mailed him and shortly thereafter, had a lengthy phone conversation with him.  Vince told Rev. Craft that he was driving and listening to the radio when he heard the news of our lawsuit Shurtleff v Boston.  He was so excited to hear the news of the victory that he pulled the car over and did “A Holy Ghost Dance” which I wished he videotaped.

Vince lives near Lynchburg, VA where one of my daughters attends Liberty University.  We had to move our daughter in for her freshman year in August of 2022 so I was able to meet with Vince.  Our breakfast meeting lasted close to four hours and ended with the creation of a friendship.  Vince had a profound knowledge of the negative side of the Civil Rights Movement.  I learned from him that it was Communist Stanley Levinson that wrote Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and Vince learned from me that King was the first recipient of Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award.

Rev. Steve Craft (left) and Vince Ellison holding a copy of The Boston Broadside

Who is Vince Ellison?

Vince was born on a cotton plantation in Haywood County, Tennessee, where his parents were sharecroppers.  Vince was taught a love of God and Country from his parents.   His father became successful in the insurance industry which raised him and his seven siblings from poverty to the middle-class.

His family started the   Ellison Family gospel singing group and performed in black churches and the gospel music community through Vince’s young life. Through his experiences in gospel music, Vince gained intimate knowledge of the inner workings and failings of many of black churches and their ministers.

While he received a degree from Memphis State University, he says his real-world education came from working as a correctional officer at a maximum-security prison in South Carolina. Vince later worked with many black civic organizations in the nonprofit arena. In 2000, he ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 6th Congressional District of South Carolina.

In 2019, Vince wrote The Iron Triangle: Inside the Liberal Democrat Plan to Use Race to Divide Christians and America in their Quest for Power and How We Can Defeat Them, and 25 Lies Exposing Democrats Most Dangerous, Seductive, Damnable, Destructive Lies and How to Refute Them which both became Amazon #1 bestsellers. Vince’s upcoming book from Posthill/Simon & Schuster Crime Inc. will be released in early October.  He has appeared numerous times on Hannity, The Laura Ingraham Show, Newsmax, OAN, Tucker Carlson Show, The Joe Pags Show, The Brian Kilmeade Show, The Howie Carr Show, and many other radio and television programs. Vince is a member of Project 21 and has written numerous articles for American Greatness magazine,, and other publications. Vince is also the producer and writer of the recently released documentary Will You Go To Hell For Me.

Vince is a member of Project 21 and has written numerous articles for American Greatness magazine,, and other publications.

Here is a description of his book 25 Lies which I highly recommend:

Vince Ellison is America’s most fearless truth teller. Agree or disagree with his thesis, open-minded readers must grapple with the persuasive power of his arguments, his mastery of facts, and his passionate love for mankind and our Creator.

As a young man, Ellison began his career in the belly of the beast—as a prison guard working in the worst cellblock imaginable—the one housing mass murderers, rapists, child molesters, and others who would never be released, and whose crimes would never be redeemed in this world. Vince Ellison saw the face of evil up close. He knows it like few of us ever could.

And it was to his dismay and sadness that he has seen that same evil later in life. This time, not in the faces of hardened, incarcerated criminals. But rather in the eyes of the leaders of the Democratic party. In this stunningly persuasive work, Vince marshals his own experience and couples it with a learned and original analysis to conclude that the leaders of America’s “progressive” party aren’t just wrong on their policy stances—they are deliberately and intently destructive. Ellison painstakingly dismantles the twenty-five lies underlying Democratic policies and arguments and provides readers with the tools they need to understand and refute these myths and deceptions. Finally, Ellison implores his fellow Americans and Christians to open their eyes to the damage being done to the nation’s heart and soul in the name of progressivism.

Will You Go to Hell For Me?

This is a powerful documentary that exposes the pernicious grip the Democrat Party has on the inner-city black community. The major thesis of this documentary is that one cannot be a Christian while at the same time vote for Democrat candidates and support the anti-Chrisitan programs of the Democrat Party.  Doing so will send you to Hell.  Vince contends that the Democrat Party is the evilest institution in the history of the world and makes a strong case in defense of his claim.

Vince says that the Democrat Party controls every whorehouse and crack house in the black community.  He lays the blame of this control on three groups of people:  black politicians, the black clergy that deliver the votes (with notable exceptions), and black social workers who fuel the flames of racism and the idea that blacks are victims of white oppression.  It is necessary to point out that Vince isn’t a shill for the Republican Party.  Many Republicans support the agenda and have made an unwritten treaty with the Democrats to leave the black communities alone.  This is evident by the lack of support the Republican National Committee gives to black Republicans contesting Congressional seats in black communities.

The most controversial aspect of this documentary, and why readers may be hearing about it for the first time, is Vince’s condemnation of Martin Luther King.  While most Americans have been led to believe that King was a noble man, Vince isn’t afraid to condemn him.  Vince exposes King as a pro-communist and a supporter of Planned Parenthood.  King, as Vince reveals, was the first recipient of the Margaret Sanger Award named after the racist founder of Planned parenthood who launched the infamous “Negro Project.”  Sanger considered blacks to be inferior and enlisted black clergy and black doctors to promote birth control. The Negro Project has been successful beyond Sanger’s wildest dreams.

Vince tells the story of how liberal Democrat U.S. Senator Patrick Moynihan, concerned about the high rate of single parent households, about 20% in the mid-1960s, visited King and his fellow Civil Rights activists insisting that Civil Rights bills must promote the father in the household.  This idea was so widely rejected by King and his colleagues, that Moynihan said that he was lucky to get out of that meeting alive.  Today, thanks in part to the Civil Rights and Welfare reform legislation, black single parent households are close to 80%, and few have the political courage to discuss the issue.

Vince believes that if a sizable minority of black voters stop voting for Democrats, the party will never win national elections. This explains why Democrat leaders constantly promote racial division and hatred.   He is committed to bring black and white Christians together fully realizing that both groups have much in common, and by working together, our nation can be healed.

We are making plans to bring Vince to New England for some speaking engagements. Readers who would like to help make that happen are urged to contact me.  My E-mail is Tel # (857) 498-1309

Constitution Day September 17, 2023  “A Republic If You Can Keep It.


At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention September 17, 1787, Mrs. Elizabeth Powel, a friend of George and Martha Washington, asked Benjamin Franklin, the oldest delegate to the convention “Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy.”  Dr. Franklin replied, “A republic if you can keep it.”  How well have we done in keeping that republic.  A glance at the current occupant of the White House as well as the majority of members of Congress leads me to conclude that we have done a poor job of it.


 Is the U.S. Constitution an outdated relic?

  Critics and detractors of the United States Constitution believe that it is an outdate relic of our agrarian past which may have served us well 200 years ago but needs to be replaced.   Back in the mid-1990s, I was a guest on the Al Diamon Show- a talk show in Portland, Maine.  Mr. Diamon, and the vast majority of his audience did not share my worldview to say the least.  I had a very interesting conversation with one of his college age callers. This young man told me, in no uncertain terms, that the U.S. Constitution was outdated, and should be replaced.    I asked him if it was written in 1848, would it also be an outdated relic.  He replied in the affirmative and I told him that the Communist Manifesto was written in 1848 but oddly we never hear people on the Left demand that it be repudiated.   I then asked him if he believed that the 1st Amendment-the one that protects the right of free speech, the press, and the right to peaceable to assemble among other things be abolished.  He said that he wasn’t in favor of its repeal.    I followed up with asking him about the 4th Amendment that protects us against unlawful search and seizure, the 5th that protects an accused from self-incrimination the 6th that guarantees us a speedy trial judged by impartial jury and the 8th that protects us from being drawn and quartered.  He didn’t think that these amendments be repealed either.   This caller, like too many American like him are victims of a clique-potentially a dangerous one, that if enough Americans believe, could lead to the end of the liberties we take for granted.

I contend that the U.S Constitution which granted few, defined and specific powers to the United States Government is just as relevant today than when it was first ratified.   As King Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun.”   While we went from horse and buggy to the space age and the quill pen and the broadside to Twitter and Facebook, human nature stays the same.  Our Founders were learned men who knew history and understood man’s sin nature.  This is why they gave us a constitutional that granted limited powers to the U.S. Government.

  The U.S. Constitution has a preamble, seven articles and 27 amendments. 

Article 1 established the legislative branch, qualifications for office of members of Congress, and grants certain powers including the power to borrow money and declare war.

Article 2 concerns the executive branch which grants very few powers and duties to the president.  Being “the most powerful man in the free world” is not one of the duties granted to the president.  Nowhere in Article 2 do we read that the president is the most powerful man in the free world.

Article 3 concerns the judicial branch which established “one supreme Court” and gave Congress the power to regulate it.  The Supreme Court may be the highest court in the United States, but it is not the highest law of the land.

Article 4 concerns the states.  Article 4, Section 4, guarantees every state a “Republican Form of Government and shall protect them against Invasion.  Today, it is the official policy of the U.S. Government to aid and abet invasion.

Article 5 concerns the amending process which a made difficult for good reason.

Article 6 makes “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof…. shall be the supreme Law of the Land.”

Article 7 calls for the ratification of nine state before the Constitution will be established.   New Hampshire was the 9th state to ratify the Constitution on June 2, 1788, making it the law of the land.

The Constitution has 27 amendments but one-the 21st canceled out another-the 18th.   The first ten, known as the Bill of Rights were ratified on December 1791.  The 27th Amendment, which concerns Congressional pay raises, would have been part of the original Bill of Rights but wasn’t ratified until 1992.

Keeping this republic begins with us.   As is my habit, I am offering free pocket copies.  If interested in one, Email me at

What to learn more about this incredible document?  Why not attend our weekend retreat which runs from Friday September 29 to Sunday October 1 at Camp Sentinel in Tuftonboro

The Weekly Sam: How I Became a Christian by Sam Blumenfeld

First, the question is: what is a Christian? To me the answer is quite simple. A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, who was sent to this earth to save men from their sinful natures, to offer them salvation and eternal life after death. God’s purpose was to extend the covenant he had made with Abraham and, through Jesus, extend it beyond the Jewish people to the rest of mankind. That is why Christ’s mission was so important: to bring to the rest of pagan mankind a knowledge of God and, for each human soul, a personal attachment to God through Jesus, his son. Many Christian scholars and theologians have written thousands of pages to explain what Christianity is. And so, I don’t know if my definition of a Christian would coincide with theirs.

I am not a theologian and therefore cannot give any explanation beyond my own personal understanding. That is my humble conviction, and it has provided me with an intellectually and spiritually satisfying way to explain my beliefs. I believe that all important philosophies can be explained simply or summed up in a simple paragraph. If they can’t, they are not true. The truth does not hide behind an impenetrable curtain of verbiage, but falsehood always does. All of my life I have had a tremendous respect for truth, for reality, for fact. I have never avoided reality. I love it too much, even when it is cruel. But I can understand those who would love to escape it. How I, a Jew, came to accept Jesus Christ was part of an intellectual journey that started in high school, continued in the Army during World War II, and continued in college. In the Army, my closest buddies were Catholics. At the City College of New York my friends were Christians and Jews.

After college, I studied in France for two years. Most of the friends I made in Paris were Christians, or I should say, non-Jews. They were American expatriates of a secular persuasion. The Europeans I got to know were typically non-religious. In Europe I visited the Cathedrals and was awed by their grandeur and beauty. During my stay in the army in Italy I had visited the Vatican and climbed the stairs in St. Peter’s Basilica right into the ball at the very top of the dome under the cross. Christianity was, of course, full of Old Testament references. Michelangelo had carved that great marble statue of Moses in St. Peter’s and the breathtaking statue of David in Florence. With my Christian friends I attended Christmas mass at both Notre Dame de Paris and at Santa Maria Maggiori in Rome. Catholic priests officiating at the Mass in their splendid dress never looked particularly holy to me. The men who looked holy to me were the old men in the synagogue, covered by their prayer shawls, swaying quietly in prayer. In other words, despite my visits to cathedrals and attendance at Masses, I was not attracted to Jesus. I simply ignored Him.

As an American Jew, I had become quite secularized and hardly practiced my own religion let alone the religion of my Christian friends who for the most part were as secular as I was. For me, Christianity provided the esthetic enjoyments for a lover of the arts. I had no interest in Christian theology or any other theology for that matter. There was a brief period, shortly after my father’s death in 1958, when I was an atheist. I wasn’t proud or happy to be an atheist, I simply believed, much to my sadness, that God did not exist. I had undergone psychoanalysis during that period, trying to understand myself, and I probably adopted Freud’s atheism. Most New York intellectual Jews were atheists or agnostics, practitioners of modernity and the secular lifestyle. Jews took a liberal view of the dietary laws, ate bacon and lobsters, and the synagogues were sparsely attended on the Sabbath. It was only on the Jewish holidays that secular Jews celebrated their heritage. And it was more cultural than theological.

After Freud, I got to know Ayn Rand. At the time, I was an editor at Grosset & Dunlap, and a literary agent had brought a manuscript by Isabel Paterson to me for possible publication. Paterson, a great believer in individual freedom, had inspired Ayn Rand in her early days as a writer, and the agent suggested that perhaps Rand might be willing to write an introduction to the book. Paterson had died, and an introduction might be a tribute to a friend. I called Rand and invited her to lunch. It was a delightful occasion. We discussed our mutual love of laissez-faire capitalism. I was a libertarian, and she was an Objectivist. She suggested that I attend a series of lectures on Objectivism given by her protege Nathaniel Branden at a midtown hotel. Objectivism was a new pro-individualistic philosophy which Rand had formulated, with the assistance of Branden. I attended the lectures and was delighted with Branden’s well-reasoned and rational opposition to Socialism and collectivism.

The only problem with Objectivism was Rand’s strident atheism. While my atheism was of the sad variety, Rand’s was unrelenting. I truly wished that God existed, while Rand rejected anything resembling “mysticism.” But it wasn’t until the 1970s that reality posed so many problems in my life, that I finally had to call on God for help. Both Freud and Rand had failed to provide the spiritual certainty I needed. But how do we find God? By simply crying out to Him whenever life’s burdens seem unbearable. We cry out to our Father in Heaven when no one on earth can help us. And God, in some way, answers the prayers of the wretched and bewildered and suffering.

It is said that Charles Darwin rejected God because he could not believe in a deity that would permit his favorite child to die. But what would life be like if God suspended all-natural phenomenon, including illness and disease? We would be living in an unnatural, supernatural state which Darwin’s theory of evolution says does not exist. Darwin preached natural selection. His daughter died because of the process of natural selection. In other words, Darwin simply used the death of his daughter to justify his rejection of God, when in reality it was his intellectual pride that was behind it.

I never had that kind of intellectual pride. So, when I turned to God, it was in the way that men seek a lifesaver when shipwrecked. You float in a hostile sea hoping to survive. It is not a very rational nor dignified way to seek God. It is more like a child’s way. But atheists are more like petulant children than mature seekers of the truth. And slowly but surely, I found my way onto dry land with a new belief in the mysterious power of the Creator of the universe. But I was still not a Christian and knew very little about Christianity. I could not really tell the difference between a Methodist and a Presbyterian. To Jews, all Christians are alike, and all Christian denominations are essentially alike. They all profess to believe in Jesus Christ. In the early 1980s I began to write a book about the origins of public education. As a libertarian I wanted to know why and how the American people gave up educational freedom so early in our history and opted for a government owned and controlled system of education. And it was through that process of research that I became a Christian.

(The above is from the Sam Blumenfeld Archives- a free on-line resource containing the works of the late Sam Blumenfeld

Patriot Camp 2023 Rockland, Maine Co-Sponsored by Camp Constitution

This year’s Patriot Camp was a great success. Big thanks to Life Church, Jake and Tanja
Barbour! This is the first year we did a three-day camp, with the first day covering the Declaration of
Independence, the second day covering the U.S. Constitution, and the third day covering our
Constitutional Republic. With eighteen kids in attendance, we had several twenty to forty minute
lessons on our nation’s founding history with games and activities following each lesson. Again, we
offered a quill pen demonstration where the students were able to sign a Declaration with a quill pen.
Other activities included three-headed eagle to demonstrate the three branches of government, rope
making, flint fire demonstrations, tug-a-war, root beer making, and flag folding. We played various
outdoor games. We ended the 3-day camp with a parade, singing “You’re a Grand Old Flag” and the
students carrying a live American flag.

We were blessed to have Mrs. Bonnie Wilder from Camp Constitution teach various songs: the
Constitution song, There are Many Flags, The Constitution’s Preamble, and You’re a Grand Old Flag.
To compliment these songs Bonnie taught the kids hand signs. We are looking forward to another great
camp next year! A huge thank you to all the generous sponsors who helped make this camp a success.

I’m a prophetess, but nobody knows it.

Ok, so confession. I actually wrote the following that is between the line breaks back in July because I wanted to help prepare people BEFORE the next plandemic was underway to not be afraid and stand strong, but I tabled it because
1. I had to start working on something that could potentially help motivate our country (all political parties) off the election machines (which I still am working on, please pray) and
2. I thought I had more time. I thought they were going to start this plandemic closer to the new year, possibly even later winter, like February 2024, but I guess that’s too late for the first presidential primaries. They’re so subtle in their quest for an absentee mail-in election, aren’t they?
Why so early?
I think we’re winning too many lawsuits against them with ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) and CHD (Children’s Health Defense)
I also think Robert F Kennedy Jr is waking too many people up with his thought-provoking answers to tough questions in his interviews, and they want to limit/eliminate big crowds with either RFK Jr or Trump.
They want to cripple us with fear and crush our spirits. Nothing like sending people into PTSD than telling us they are going to take away our ability to breathe oxygen AGAIN, use people’s bodies as their lab rats without true informed consent AGAIN, and planning a full lockdown AGAIN by December.
The binary murderers know we’re headed into the fall flu season and they have to have a “reason” people are dying to keep the spotlight off themselves, the true perpetrators.

Honestly, I’m surprised that it would be just another variant of Covid that they would attempt to lock Americans down for, haven’t they already beaten that cow to death?!? How much more mileage can covid “crisis” give them? I know it’s been in the works for decades according to the patents, so I guess they’re going to milk it – but only as far as Americans will allow them to.

So in the end — is the following that I wrote in July truly prophetic if the globalists told us what they’re going to do to us, and I’m just pointing it out? I’m probably joining you in shaking my head no, especially not in the biblical definition of prophecy. But in light of the current scenario, it’s the closest I’ll ever come to being a prophet – or prophetess – so here goes, what I wrote in the past (with the exception of adding the 9th top video, I have to say as a writer it’s really hard NOT to edit this before sending)…
The beginning of my “prophecy” in July:
I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day! As America and I celebrated our birthdays together under the fireworks, I said goodbye to the last year as explosions of color mirrored in the lake’s lucid face. It was beautiful. And thought provoking on what this next year may hold…
I have been very busy with family related activities and needed to unplug for a bit – and I haven’t sent you some of the most incredible, powerful, thought-provoking videos, let alone written about them to my group, but they are extremely important, so —
Here is a MUST-SEE Movie list if you haven’t seen them yet. I’ve put them in my selected best viewing order, not order of release, I apologize that I can’t write more about each one, there isn’t time, I’d just start watching if I were you. And if you have questions on where some of the sources for my conversation/musings below come from, watch all the movies and then get back with me if you didn’t find your answer and I will get you the source. I’m just trying to keep this more streamlined.
1. Pandemic Of LIES,
BEST docu-speech by Del Bigtree!! Enriching, entertaining, what he can prove in a court of law, and I love his “We are Winning” vibe!!
1 1/2 hrs
2. Tucker Carlson Interviews Edward Dowd on the rise in all-cause mortality in the employed, 12 standard deviations above the norm, once in 800 yr event.
(right before Tucker got fired from Fox), Truth is truth, no matter who believes it.
54 min
3. Died Suddenly,
WOW, just WOW, unforgettable, you can never “unsee” this video. (As an aside, use this information to help save lives – Dr. Ryan Cole reports some of this substance has been pulled from the veins and arteries of the LIVING, they aren’t all pulled from corpses, thank God lives have been saved!)
1 hr 9 min
4. 4,070% Increase in Miscarriages/Stillbirths Since the mRNA Roll-out,
Dr. Naomi Wolf on Pfizer docs and reproductive system destruction – and even Chinese warfare on several fronts
30 min
5. Plandemic 3
Know your history or we are doomed to repeat it
1 1/2 hrs
6. Never Again is Now Global, speechless
Part 1, 1 hr 10 min
Parts 1 – 5, complete Never Again series, 5 hrs 43 min
7. Breaking the Oath: Unauthorized
This one is so poignant because it takes the personal story of the murder of my friend’s daughter, sweet Grace, interwoven with some of the most evil demagogues in history, ongoing genocide in America revealed by current whistleblowers to draw a holocaust comparison I dare someone to refute.
“This heartbreaking story of the Schara family, and those this film is dedicated to, provides a stark warning to all. There is a profound evil in the world the likes of which we haven’t seen for nearly one hundred years.  History is shaking us awake, urging us to remember times in which civilization was brought to the brink of collapse. “Breaking the Oath” draws parallels to our past, showing the shocking similarities all around us. We need only to open our eyes.”
1 hr 40 min
8. Sound of Freedom trailer
I’ve only seen the trailer, it’s not out on video. It’s outselling other movies. Theaters have been stopping its viewing mid-stream and refunding tickets for various “reasons”.
3 min trailer
9. Dr David Martin addresses European Union Parliament at the International Covid-19 Summit 
downloaded over 4,000,000,000 times (yes, as in billion)
WHY? Why watch these, why share them? Isn’t it all over?
It is not enough that you and I already know the following. 
We MUST make sure OTHERS know the following, 
or their collective weight — and their compliance — will pull us ALL into tyranny, 
even if some of us are kicking and screaming on the way down.
Enough brainwashing on the masses’ part.
Enough complacency on our part, “well, I can’t say anything, it may affect our relationship.”
Do you know what is coming? According to the globalists?
“Preparing a series of massive crises and global shocks
to get people to submit to their global agenda.”
– Alex Newman
If people believe the worst is behind us, they will be a prime target for fear, panic, and compliance to totalitarianism.
People MUST have the eyes of their understanding enlightened, so that they recognize and know the truth, so that when the globalists implement what they are telling us that they plan to do to us, that most of the people resist along with us. This is only possible if we have reached the masses with the truth, finally, and they have claimed it as their own.
“Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it.
Yet those who do study history are doomed to stand by helplessly while everyone else repeats it.”
It’s funny but it’s not funny.
Someone asked, “What is it with Americans, ignorance or apathy?” The friend responded, “I don’t know. And I don’t care.”
We have a very small window here people, and now is not the time to be lulled into complacency because things seem to be settling down. Famous warfare tactic.
Big Pharma is salivating, rubbing their gloved hands together in glee contemplating the trillions they will make on the multiple modRNA injections they have in the pipeline for multiple conditions, for multiple people (other than themselves). Incidentally, these new modRNA injections will be released without safety testing, because they’ve already “proved” the modRNA covid shots were “safe & effective”… gag.
But we have another problem. In Oct of 2022, the world leaders just had another tabletop exercise (Like their “Event 201” in Oct of 2019 for their Covid-19 plandemic) to plan the next pandemic, calling their latest simulation “Catastrophic Contagion”. I imagine they’re planning for this drama to “naturally” come to a fevered pitch before the 2024 presidential election. (in fact, maybe you should add [s]election.code to your movie list, 1 hr)
They are gearing up for it, Resident Biden just started the unconstitutional “Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy (OPPR) to be sure they are ready with a lean mean fightin’ machine against our rights that must all be given up the next time someone gets sick, right along with his administration’s obsession with unconstitutionally jeopardizing Americans to submit under the WHO for all things “health” related.
Since SO MANY (63%) – praise GOD!!! – have awakened to the harsh reality that our “protective” regulatory agencies such as the FDA/CDC/HHS, etc have been captured (watchdog turned snake-oil salesman),
Whereas We the People now also have an understandable and healthy distrust of “health authorities”/”health” agencies and the shills who masquerade in white coats who give good doctors a bad name,
Whereas 82% of Americans refused to take the bivalent booster,
There will be MANY more resistors to the globalists’ tyrannical assault on our bodily autonomy and dismantling of our Constitutionally protected God-given rights this next round!
But we must work to get many more. We can’t just be a “meaningful minority” as Bill Gates has labeled us, we need to be a meaningful majority to save humanity from their clutches.
And the globalists know that We the People are many more than they. If we joined together we’d be unstoppable to them. In fact, even piecemeal, in small numbers of even 1 person standing alone at his work, we stunned them. They weren’t prepared for us. For everyone who resisted them, stood up to them, spoke out against them, dumbfounded them, I thank you. But diabolical narcissistic eugenicists that they are, you could bank on the fact that they’re regrouping to succeed the next round.
They are the masters of illusion. The challenge is that we must remember they worked the world into a panic over a less than 1% fatality rate for those 69 and under – and additionally killed people with deadly hospital covid protocols while simultaneously withholding life-saving protocols, so thousands died every week who could still be alive today. This was “necessary” in order for the FDA to grant emergency approval of their “vaccine” and to induce a panic in order to get people to line up for the “vaccine”, which pharmacovigilance trial won’t conclude until 2031. My doctor told me last week she now has patients who had no boosters and no adverse reactions, but whose adverse reactions just started from their original dual set of injections 2 years ago, this is why we should have had a long-term trial)
So what happens if in this new plandemic, they work the world up into a panic for a 60% fatality rate like smallpox or ebola, or an 80% fatality rate for Marburg? What about CERS that targets children (as if they haven’t targeted our posterity enough) that they conveniently already have an mRNA RSV/Polio “vaccine” ready for? Globalists like Bill Gates not only “assure” us there will be another pandemic, but he promises, “It will be a different pathogen next time.” (Thanks for the heads up on your plans, Bill.)
The biggest health threat we’ve never heard of that they’re making a new DNA based “vaccine” for, Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever.
They’ve tried to panic the world over monkey-pox, Marburg, now Malaria, RSV, etc – hold the line everyone. Don’t be afraid, but be wary, and warn others to not be afraid. Must not panic. Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.
God says not to fear 365 times, one for every day of the year.
The eugenists almost have no choice at this point but to start another pandemic to hide their crimes against humanity.  Because the unvaccinated held their ground, we are the natural control group. We are the contrast that will become more and more stark as the decade of this experiment proceeds (Covid modRNA injection 2021-2031). And with the astronomical rise in all-cause mortality, even though more people are dying today than during the pandemic, the legacy news is silent, no longer terrifying people on a nightly basis. No, they haven’t taken pity on your nerves, it just doesn’t fit their narrative – do you think they would be silent if it was the unvaccinated who were dying and not the vaccinated?
Sometimes I wonder if it will be real, or if they will PRETEND there is a new pandemic. Yes, people will be dying for real, but why? Will it be smoke & mirrors, the global elites SAYING it’s a new pandemic, when in reality they are operating a cover-up for their Crimes against Humanity, relabeling the consequential deaths from the covid shots & the trashed immune systems they’ve already set in motion??? They are just diabolical. I put nothing past them.
So the global oligarchs are climate-controlling up a back-up plan to implement their Great Reset. Not just to pursue future success of their prior failed “vaccine” passport, but to tax our breathing & eliminate meat, with the privilege of eating bugs and paying for carbon credits – all while the planet is screaming for MORE carbon dioxide, not less. The globalist decree “they” decide what “sustainable” is, and they are aggressively moving for a cashless society to gain complete control of our freedom to buy and sell through Central Bank Digital Currency (he that controls the water/food/energy supply controls the people, and what better way in their mind than social credit scores?). I surely pray we don’t have a WWIII, but war is also a very convenient tool they love to pull out of their tool box, it solves all sorts of nasty national sovereignty problems, hikes debt to all new highs, and in this case, even masks covid injected military deaths or adverse reactions, labeling their death in the line of duty.
While I see the signs of the times all around me, and as things proceed to a greater head, I disagree with some Christian’s complacent attitude, “Well, if it gets more evil, and we are persecuted, then the Lord will return even sooner.” This is out of touch both with the reality that many people in the rest of the world for centuries have suffered, and that suddenly when Americans start suffering, then the Lord will return?  as well as out of touch with the truth that only the Father knows the day and hour of the coming of the Son of man.
I see no need to live in tyranny until Jesus Christ raptures me before the Great Tribulation when there WILL be a one world government where no man may buy or sell save he that hath the mark of the Beast – after, all, tyranny isn’t necessary before the rapture, because everything will fall quickly into place for a one-world system once all of us have been raptured out. In fact, the globalists won’t let a crisis go to waste, and uniquely, this is one they haven’t actually created, or spearheaded, or herded, or manipulated into accomplishment, so that’s unique to them. However, they are not ignorant of what is clearly laid out in Scripture, and which many people have written books and produced movies about, so don’t think they aren’t plotting out how to spin the rapture to their advantage should it happen in their lifetime. There is a lot of talk of aliens today, not just the stuff made of dreams, but real things, impossible things, that real pilots have seen up there (I think it’s demonic activity, personally). They’re probably prepping.
I believe it is poor stewardship both as Christians and Patriots not to resist evil, today. Indeed, apathy in the face of all that is at stake demonstrates an utter disregard for the sacrifice of those who’ve gone before us, securing the blessings of liberty in both Christianity and Country – a Country who has sent missionaries to the farthest parts of the world.
The end of my “prophecy” in July
Present day:
The Globalists may find that Eris is simply not enough fear to beat Americans into subjection again and may resort to the big boys of polio or smallpox or one of the many other hoaxes/climate crises they have planned, and in a layering effect. After all, even leprosy from Bible times is back, thanks to these covid modRNA injections suppressing the immune system’s defense mechanism.
“Eris” is predicted to be no big deal for the unvaccinated (in fact we’ve all been recovering from mild colds at our house, maybe it’s actually “Eris” we had? I don’t know, our family and our immune systems had such a robust fight with Covid in Nov of ’20, we never got covid again to our knowledge, but a cold here or there could have been another variant upgrade on our system, but again it was no big deal, just like colds of yesteryear.
Whereas even a normal cold can overwhelm those whose immune systems are primed and nearly non-existent through multiple modRNA covid shots. So I’m not saying we won’t see the continual rise in deaths (sadly we are already at 12 sigma above the norm in all cause mortality, once in 800 yr event). If you are one of those who’ve taken numerous covid shots/boosters, Dr Geert Vanden Bossche asks you to please consider taking an antiviral immediately [eg: Ivermectin] as a routine treatment for the next few years to help your immune system help you fight common illnesses.
Here are some doctors trying to help the “vaccinated” recover
Dr. Peter McCullough treatment:
Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory FLCCC treatment:
Dr. Lee Merritt vaccine remorse treatment:

The Weekly Sam: Libertarians for Life

This letter from 1978 and the pamphlet was in Sam Blumenfeld’s papers.

August 23, 1978


An Open Letter to All Libertarians,

Libertarians for Life recognizes that many libertarians have given their support to abortion for one reason or another. Because of this, some of us have thought it necessary to commit some of our time, money and effort to the pro-life cause, all of which we would rather have been able to devote directly to furthering the general cause of libertarianism and the Libertarian[1]an Party.

We deplore the destructive divisiveness and ad hominem attacks which have in the past caused many people to retire from direct participation in the fight for individual liberty. We believe in the airing of reasonable expressions of disagreement wherever an error is seen, for liberty can triumph only if the philosophical foundation of libertarianism is as well constructed as is humanly possible. To help achieve this end, we have worked to publish this pamphlet. We hope that you will give some of your valuable time to consider what we have to say. We hope you also will consider the importance of revising the Libertarian Party’s platform in order to reflect a respect for human life at all stages of development (without, or course, adding to the unjust powers of the state). At the very least, the elimination of the current pro-abortion language and the drafting of a carefully reasoned and consistent pro-life plank should be included as part of the order of business at the next convention and platform hearings. Life, Liberty and Responsibility,

Doris Gordon
13424 Hathaway Drive
Wheaton, Maryland 20906
(301) 460-41

A link to the pamphlet from Sam’s archives:

U.S. Speaking Tour Dates for Charl van Wyk Author of “Shooting Back” and “Reloaded Shooting Back Again”

Charl van Wyk U.S. Speaking Tour begins next Saturday in Manheim, PA.  He has six engagements in New England and then several in Virginial and finishes his tour in California.  Camp Constitution is honored to sponsor his New England speaking engagements.  Here is his itinerary:


I’m, Lord willing, speaking at the following public meetings, in the United States:

September 15-17
Host: Future of Christendom Conference!
Theme: The Gospel at War
Venue: Spooky Nook Sports, in Manheim, PA
Details and registration at:

Monday September 18
Host: Camp Constitution Speaker’s Bureau
Venue: Lane House, 177 Waltham St., Lexington, MA.
Time: 12 Noon
Menu: Sandwiches are ordered from Bertucci’s – Cost $15 – No obligation to order from the menu. Feel free to bring your own lunch.
RSVPs required – Hal Shurtleff (857) 498-1309

Monday September 18
Host: Camp Constitution Speaker’s Bureau
Venue: The Stoppe House, 16 Gould Rd., Bedford, MA
Time: 7:00 PM

Tuesday September 19

Host:  Camp Constitution Speaker’s Bureau

Venue:  Loudon Congregational Church 7018 Church St.  Loudon, NH

Time:  11:00 AM

Tuesday September 19
Host: Camp Constitution Speaker’s Bureau
Venue: Community Church of Alton, 20 Church St., Alton, NH
Time: 7:00 PM

Wednesday September 20
Host: Camp Constitution Speaker’s Bureau
Venue: Union Baptist Church of Littleton, 1468 N Rd (Rt 10), Littleton, ME
Time: 7:00 PM (The event includes a potluck dinner.)

Thursday September 21
Host: Camp Constitution Speaker’s Bureau
Venue: Lee Mogul Pounders Snow Mobile Club, 108 Skunk Hill Rd., Lee, ME
Time: 8:00 AM

For all the above Camp Constitution meetings – admission is free – donations accepted.
For more info call: Hal Shurtleff (857) 498-1309

Sunday September 24
Host: Cross and Crown Church
Venue: Warrenton Community Center, 430 East Shirley Avenue, Warrenton, VA 20186 –
Time: 10 AM

Sunday October 1
Host: Providence Baptist Church,
Venue: 1441 Erickson Ave, Harrisonburg, VA 22803 –
Times: 10 AM and 11 AM

Sunday October 1
Host: Shenandoah Valley Reformed Presbyterian Church –
Venue: 1 Ruritan Road, Mount Crawford, Virginia
Time: 4:30 PM

Friday October 6
Host: Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Group
Venue: 5734 Lonetree Blvd, Rocklin, CA 95765
Time: 6:30 PM
RSVPs required – Steve Wisniewski at


PS. I’ll also be visiting the following towns and states, for personal visits, in case you’d like to meet over coffee: Damascus MD, Richmond, Lynchburg and Springfield VA, Wilmington NC, and Dallas/Fort Worth TX

See you soon!

We recently interviewed Charl:


And a link to an audio version of the interview:


Labor Day, Railroad Strikes, Grover Cleveland, Eugene Debs, Socialist Party of America, Outsourcing – American Minute with Bill Federer

  Eugene Debs  Grover Cleveland  Labor Day  Outsourcing  Railroad Strikes  Socialist Party of America

To appreciate Labor Day, one needs to know the history preceding it.
At the time the United States was founded, most people were self-employed, working as either farmers or in trades, such as:
  • baker,
  • butcher,
  • carpenter,
  • cabinetmaker,
  • upholsterer,
  • tailor,
  • milliner – clothes merchant,
  • cobbler – shoe maker,
  • chandler – candle maker,
  • cooper – barrel maker,
  • wheelwright – wheel craftsman.
  • blacksmith,
  • gunsmith,
  • printer, and
  • apothecary.

Then, the Industrial Revolution began in the late 18th century.
Where Ireland burned peat from bogs, Britain burned coal from mines.
A problem was that mines kept filling up with water.
Scottish inventor James Watt came up with an invention to pump water out of mines – a steam pump.
Steam was soon harnessed in the early 19th century to not just power pumps, but railroad steam engines, steam boats, and textile manufacturing machines.
This led to the creation of factories which could mass produce items inexpensively.
European manufactured products were imported into America.
Soon, Americans built their own factories.
Originally, there was no Federal Income tax.
The Federal government was financed primarily from:
EXCISE TAXES on items like salt, tobacco, liquor;
TARIFF TAXES on imports from European factories.
Tariff taxes made European products more expensive, motivating consumers to buy products manufactured in America.
Most of America’s factories were located in Northern states.
The tariff taxes that helped the Northern states hurt the Southern states, as the South was predominately agricultural and had few factories to protect.
At one point, nearly 90 percent of the Federal budget came from tariff taxes collected at Southern ports.
This fueled animosity between the states leading up to the Civil War.
After the Civil War, the North passed even more tariff taxes which successfully allowed Northern factories to grow enormous.
Manufacturers produced items like clothes, glass, dishes, and farm tools for a fraction of the previous costs.
Machines freed women up from tedious daily tasks, such as hand-weaving thread, hand-sewing cloth, and hand-washing clothes.
Instead of carrying water from a well, pumps and pipes brought water directly into homes.
New ways of making stronger iron and steel led to the building of bridges, skyscrapers, steamboats, and mining machinery.
Railroads began taking people safely and inexpensively across the entire nation, opening up unprecedented mobility and opportunity.
Inventions and advances in manufacturing made more goods available at cheaper prices.
This resulted in Americans experiencing the fastest increase in the standard of living of any people in world history.
Factories had a continual source of workers from the millions of immigrants, who not only got a job, but learned the language and trade skills.
President Grover Cleveland dedicated the Statue of Liberty in 1886 to welcome immigrants.
Immigrants were anxious to assimilate, learn the English language, and swear allegiance to their new country.
Immigrants were known for their hard work.
This is described in The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, written by German sociologist Max Weber, 1904-1905.
It is a foundational textbook in economic sociology, listed as the 4th most important sociological book of the 20th century in by the International Sociological Association.
Weber documented how modern capitalism evolved out of the Protestant Calvinism in Northern Europe, which emphasized asceticism, self-discipline, hard work, frugality, thrift, and avoidance of all forms of indulgence for religious reasons.
He described Calvinists, Baptists, Methodists, Quakers, traditional Lutherans, pietist Lutherans, and Moravians, particularly Count Ludwig von Zinzendorf’s Herrnhut community.
Religious adherents established private secular enterprises, engaged in trade, and accumulated wealth for both investment and for the support of charitable missionary activity.
A popular literary genre developed of “rags-to-riches” stories, where individuals exhibiting hard work, honesty, and strength through adversity, achieved success.
In 1867, Horatio Alger began publishing a best-selling series of novels, such as:
  • “Ragged Dick”;
  • “Strong and Steady, Or, Paddle Your Own Canoe”; and
  • “Shifting for Himself: Or Gilbert Greyson’s Fortune.”
These were stories were about immigrants, impoverished orphans, or homeless street boys, who demonstrated the Protestant work ethic and rose from humble beginnings to have great purpose and achieve outstanding accomplishments.
In 1894, Orison Swett Marden wrote Pushing to the Front, and in 1897, founded SUCCESS magazine, publishing inspirational stories of success in life through common-sense principles and well-rounded virtues.
Immigrants were not a financial burden on the government, as there were no government welfare programs.
Extended family members, churches, and individuals giving charity, provided the welfare net.

Some immigrants brought with them from Europe socialist and anarchists ideas and exacerbated labor tensions to further their larger goal of tearing down the capitalist system in order to set up a socialist economy.
Though no one was forced to work in factories, some laborers began to organize for better working conditions.
Organizing flyers were written in the English and German languages.
In May of 1886, a protest in Chicago near the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company plant. turned into the Haymarket Riot.
A “peaceful protester” threw a dynamite bomb at the police.
The blast and subsequent violence resulted in seven police officers and four civilians killed, along with dozens wounded.
To commemorate the incident, they chose May 1st to be an annual International Workers Day.

Another incident was a railroad strike in 1894.
An ideal factory setting was created by George Pullman, who founded the Pullman Railroad Sleeping Car Company just outside of Chicago, Illinois.
Pullman saw that workers needed a place to live, so he built them houses in a safe little village around the factory, with rent deducted from paychecks.
To save them the trouble of traveling to the markets, he located stores on site.
Workers were paid company “scrip,” similar to food stamps, which were redeemable at the company-owned grocery stores.
It was considered to be a type of utopian workers’ paradise community, in the same vein of Sir Thomas More’s Island of Utopia, published in 1516; and Sir Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis, published in 1626.
The Pullman community worked for over a decade until something happened.
There was a nationwide economic depression in 1893 and orders for railroad sleeping cars suddenly dropped off.
To keep the company afloat, George Pullman had to make cuts in wages and lay off hundreds of employees, though, for the time being, rent and groceries stayed the same price.
Some immigrants from Europe spread Karl Marx’s idea of critical theory, dividing the nation up into groups and pitting them against each other in a class-struggle.
Employees were distraught, as they had grown completely dependent on the company.
Some employees walked off their jobs, demanding higher pay and lower rents, being unaware that the reason for the cuts was that the company needed to stay in business during the national economic crash.
A leader of the strikes was Eugene V. Debs. A high school drop out, Debs got a job cleaning grease from freight engines.
He was promoted to locomotive fireman and rose in the Brotherhood of Locomotive Fireman. He briefly served as a Terre Haute city clerk and one-term Indiana state representative.
When the nation experienced the financial crisis, Debs agitated and organized a strike of railroad workers in 1894.
Soon, railroad workers across the nation boycotted trains carrying Pullman cars.
There was rioting, pillaging, and burning of railroad cars, destroying an estimated $80 million worth of property in 27 states.
A New York Times editorial, July 9, 1894, called Debs “a lawbreaker at large, an enemy of the human race.”
“Debs’ Rebellion” became a national issue when it interrupted the trains delivering mail.
President Grover Cleveland declared the strike a federal crime and deployed 12,000 U.S. Army troops to break up the strike.
More violence erupted, and two men were killed.

After the devastating riots and shut-downs, Americans were discontented with the Democrat Administration.
Democrat advisor Francis Lynde Stetson warned Cleveland regarding the upcoming mid-term elections of 1894:
“We are on the eve of very dark night, unless a return of commercial prosperity relieves popular discontent with what they believe is Democratic incompetence to make laws, and consequently with Democratic Administrations anywhere and everywhere.”
Cleveland thought it might improve his Party’s chances if workers were given a day off, so support grew for a national “LABOR DAY.”

Cleveland intentionally did not chose May 1st as it was the anniversary of the bloody Chicago’s Haymarket Riot and the “International Workers Day.”
Instead, Grover Cleveland chose the FIRST MONDAY in SEPTEMBER to celebrate LABOR DAY.
As far as the 1894 elections went, it did not help. Cleveland’s Democrat Party had the biggest mid-term loss in decades.

Patriotic Americans, in opposition to socialists, began celebrating May 1st as “Loyalty Day,” which was officially recognized by the U.S. Congress in April 27, 1955, and proclaimed by President Eisenhower, being made an annual holiday with Public Law 85-529.

Strike-organizer Eugene Debs was arrested for mail obstruction and put in prison for six months.
 While in prison, Debs “ravenously” read Karl Marx’s Das Kapital.

Demands by socialist progressives to redistribute wealth led to the passage of:
  • the corporate income tax, 1894;
  • the personal income tax, 1914; and
  • the inheritance estate tax, 1916.
Eugene Debs and the rioters were defended by the attorney Clarence Darrow.
Darrow later defended evolution in the Scope’s Monkey Trial.
After six months in prison, Eugene Debs was released and founded:
  • the Social Democracy of America, 1897;
  • the Social Democratic Party of America, 1898; and
  • the Socialist Party of America, 1901.
Debs ran five time for U.S. President on Socialist Party of America ticket. As he won zero electoral votes, he opposed to the electoral process.
When World War One started, Eugene Debs urged resistance to the draft.
Russia’s Socialist leader Vladimir Lenin referenced Eugene Debs in “An Open Letter to Boris Souvarine,” published January 27, 1918, in La Vente, No. 48:
“Look at America—apart from everything else a neutral country. Haven’t we the beginnings of a split there, too: Eugene Debs, the ‘American Rebel’, declares in the socialist press that he recognizes only one type of war, civil war for the victory of socialism, and that he would sooner be shot than vote a single cent for American war expenditure ” (see Deb’s Appeal to Reason, “When I Shall Fight,” No. 1032, September 11, 1915)
One of those who followed Debs’ call to be a draft-dodger was Roger Baldwin, who later founded the A.C.L.U. to help defend those who were accused of being a communist agitators.
Roger Baldwin wrote:
“I am for socialism … I seek social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.”
In 1918, Debs was charged with ten counts of sedition and sentenced to ten years in prison.
In protest of his sentence, unionists, anarchists, socialists, and communists marched in support of Debs in a May Day parade in Cleveland, Ohio.
The peaceful parade broke out into Antifa-style violence — the May Day Riots of 1919.
When Debs’ attorney asked for a Presidential pardon, Woodrow Wilson wrote “denied” across the paperwork, and stated:
“While the flower of American youth was pouring out its blood to vindicate the cause of civilization, this man, Debs, stood behind the lines sniping, attacking, and denouncing them …
This man was a traitor to his country and he will never be pardoned during my administration.”
The next President, Warren G. Harding, also did not pardon Debs, and the White House released the statement:
“There is no question of his guilt … He is … a dangerous man calculated to mislead the unthinking and affording excuse for those with criminal intent.”
In 1979, Bernie Sanders produced a documentary praising Eugene Debs. He hung a portrait of Debs in the City Hall of Burlington, Vermont, and dedicated a plaque to him in his Congressional office.
After Vladimir Lenin organized the Bolshevik Revolution overthrowing Russia’s government, he formed the Communist International in 1919.
This persuaded some members of Eugene Debs’ Socialist Party of America to break off and form the Communist Party USA.
The Communist Party USA ran candidates for U.S. President every year from 1920 till they decided to support Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War Two, as Roosevelt had allied himself with the U.S.S.R.’s Josef Stalin.
Chicago’s statue dedicated to the police officers who were killed in the 1886 Haymarket Riot was blown up on October 6, 1969, by Bill Ayers and Eric Mann’s militant group “Weatherman Underground” during their Days of Rage.
The Haymarket statue was rebuilt, only to be blown up again by the Weatherman Underground on October 6, 1970.
Weatherman member Bill Ayers later helped launch the political career of a young Illinois State Senator Barack Obama.
Bill Ayers stated:
“I am a radical, leftist, small ‘c’ communist … Maybe I’m the last communist who is willing to admit it … The ethics of communism still appeal tome. I don’t like Lenin as much as the early Marx.”
Weatherman member Eric Mann helped train Patrisse Cullors, one of the founders of Black Lives Matters.
Cullors stated in 2015:
“Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers … We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories.”

In America, laborers worked hard for wages with which they could buy trucks, houses, cars, boats, guns, and other personal possessions.
They could also be moved upon to give of their possessions to those in need, which is called charity.
Reagan stated in 1988:
“I believe God did give mankind unlimited gifts to invent, produce and create.”
Booker T. Washington founded the National Negro Business League.
He stated:
“Anyone can seek a job, but it requires a person of rare ability to create a job … What we should do in our schools is to turn out fewer job seekers and more job creators.”
In socialist countries, laborers were forced to work hard, but could own no possessions. The government took them all away.
People with no possessions have nothing with which to be charitable.
Socialists believe that when the government finally finishes taking away everyone’s possessions, then the world will arrive at a imagined ideal utopia called communism.
The term “communism” comes from the Latin word “communis,” meaning everything held in common.
There will be no private ownership of anything. There will be no privacy. People will not even have control over their own children.
The government will control everything, on both production side and consumption side.

In 1971, John Lennon and his second wife, Yoko Ono, co-wrote the song “Imagine,” with socialist-themed lyrics: “Imagine no possessions … And no religion too.”

Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum stated that by 2030 “You will own nothing but be happy.”
The term “socialism” was coined by French political philosopher Henry de Saint-Simon, 1760–1825, as the opposite of the “individual.”
Use of the term socialism was popularized by mid-to-late 1800s by European theorists, such as Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Leon Trotsky, and Antonio Gramsci, where power is taken away from individuals and concentrated into the hands of the state.
One of the significant contributions of Judeo-Christian Western Civilization is the concept of you having a worth and an identity as an individual, apart from any group.
Gramsci, who founded the Italian Communist Party, wrote in his Prison Notebooks, 1929-1935:
“Any country grounded in Judaeo-Christian values can’t be overthrown until those roots are cut …
Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity …
In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches, and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.”

During Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, “socialism” became identified as a distinct transition phase between capitalism and communism.
The most opportune time to transition is in crises.
Marx and Friedrich Engels explained (Marx and Engels Collected Works, Vol. 10, p. 318):
“Conspirators by no means confine themselves to organizing the revolutionary proletariat – working class. Their business consists in … spurring it in to artificial crises …
For them the only condition required for the revolution is a sufficient organization of their own conspiracy. They are the alchemists of the revolution.”
The term “capitalism” is the where individuals, with their own money, or capital, could invest and have a business providing goods or services – the production side.
Individuals could then earn a profit which they could decide how to spend – the consumption side.
Karl Marx wrote in The Critique of the Gotha Programme, Part IV:
“Between capitalist and communist society there lies the period of the revolutionary transformation.”
Lenin considered socialism as the transition phase from capitalism to communism, stating:
“The goal of socialism is communism.”
Karl Marx explained:
“The theory of the communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.”
Author Ayn Rand wrote:
“There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end:
communism proposes to enslave men by force; socialism – by vote.
It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

Unions did help to bring about:
  • the 8-hour work day,
  • a 40-hour work week,
  • minimum wages,
  • safer working conditions, and
  • more benefits for workers.
Henry Ford’s Motor Company was one of the first to implement these benefits.
An account circulated that Henry Ford met a Yemeni sailor at port and told him about auto factory jobs that paid five dollars a day.
The sailor spread the word, leading to chain migration from Yemen and other parts of the Middle East. reported, September 5, 2020:
“The origin story of how the Yemeni community in Michigan is an interesting one.
Way back in the early 1900s, Henry Ford started recruiting Yemeni workers to work at Ford’s factories.
After a few years, Ford sent for more workers and the Yemeni American community began to grow.
People who gained citizenship during their time working for Ford brought family over and started lives in Michigan while remaining close to their family back in Yemen.”
It is speculated that Ford’s motive in initiating immigration of Middle Eastern Muslims to Dearborn and Hamtramck, Michigan, was to counter growing union strength.
Unions were anti-immigrant, as cheaper labor of immigrants undercut their wages.
As unions grew in size, another situation developed, where top leadership tended to hold values different than rank-and-file union workers.
Many members supported the Second Amendment, traditional marriage, biological definitions of sex, and protection of the unborn, yet some in union leadership funneled union dues to support candidates who advocated opposing views.
One of the unanticipated consequences of workers’ benefits improving was the increase cost of doing business.
Companies, in order to stay competitive in the increasingly global marketplace, had to find ways to lower costs, which meant replacing jobs with “automation” and “out-sourcing.”
After World War Two, America helped rebuild Germany and Japan with new factories.
These overseas factories, with their cheaper labor costs and newer machinery, produced items for less and took a larger part of the global market.
They hired lobbyists to push for lowering tariffs so they could bring less expensive products in, gaining a competitive advantage over American factories.
Issues that increased the cost of doing business in America included:
  • Higher wages;
  • Increased taxes;
  • Expensive lawsuits;
  • Burdensome regulations;
  • Environmental restrictions;
  • Crony capitalism, globalist capitalism, vulture capitalism, and big tech monopolies, where career politicians provide subsidies, contracts, and relaxed regulations for companies supporting their political agendas and reelection campaigns; but companies not supporting them are put at a disadvantage, some being faced with the choice of either going out of business or going out of the country.
As American-made products became more expensive in comparison to foreign-made products, consumers bought fewer of them, resulting in American factories needing fewer workers.
“Squeeze the sponge and the water goes out” – as manufacturing costs in America rose, manufacturers moved with their jobs to other countries.
To personalize this, if you needed gas for your car, and the gas station on your side of the street sold it at $4.50 a gallon, but the station on the other side of the street sold it for just $1.99 a gallon, would you cross the street?
Just as water seeks its own level, individuals and businesses are motivated to save money.
Bringing jobs back to America is as simple as making it more profitable for factories to be located here than there.
But coalescing the political will in Congress is an uphill battle.
Another by-product of companies leaving the country was their loss of patriotism, creating what became termed “globalists.”
Globalists are international big businesses whose patriotism is to their profits.
Globalists are happy to work with socialist and communist governments as a means secure monopolies and guarantee profits.
Capitalism effectively split in two, with “individual” capitalism being patriotic, supporting the country that gives equal opportunities for advancement;
and “globalist” capitalism which squelches competition by supporting one world government socialist politicians who return the favor with profitable government contracts, exception of regulations, and insider trade deals.
Politicians receiving money from globalists are pressured to enact discretionary regulations and burdensome COVID responses which put smaller competitors out of business.
Additionally, socialist political strategies include intentionally raising unemployment rates so more unemployed workers will sign up for welfare benefits.
Once unemployed workers become dependent on government benefits and entitlements, they are inclined to vote for the candidates who promise to continue them.
Tragically, for some political strategists, increased unemployment means an increased voter base.
If entitlements are threatened, some are even inclined to be organized into revolutionaries.
Socialist thinker Friedrich Engels wrote in 1844 (London: W.O. Henderson, The Life of Friedrich Engels, 1976; Outlines of a Critique of Political Economy, 1844):
“Every fresh slump must ruin more small capitalists and increase the workers who live only by their labor.
This will increase the number of the unemployed and this is the main problem that worries economists.
In the end commercial crises will lead to a social revolution far beyond the comprehension of the economists with their scholastic wisdom.”
Soviet leader Nikita Khrushschev reportedly told Ezra Taft Benson, Eisenhower’s Secretary of Agriculture, in 1959:
“We won’t have to fight you; We’ll so weaken your economy, until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”
Among American workers, union membership since 1950 has declined from 50 percent to currently less than 12 percent.
Instead of addressing the need to attract manufacturers, with their jobs, back to America, many unions have focused their efforts to increase membership by recruiting from other occupations, such as government, education, medical professionals, sports, service industry, and retail.
Warning American workers of the hidden danger of “social justice” movements, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who had spent 11 years in Union of Soviet Socialist Republics labor camps, stated, June 30, 1975:
“I … call upon America to be more careful with its trust …
Prevent those … who are attempting to establish even finer … legal shades of equality — because of their distorted outlook … short-sightedness and … self-interest – from falsely using the struggle for peace and for social justice to lead you down a false road …
… They are trying to weaken you; they are trying to disarm your strong and magnificent country in the face of this fearful threat …
I call upon you: ordinary working men of America … do not let yourselves become weak.”
A spiritual encouragement is found in First Corinthians 15:58: “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.”
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