Ayanna Pressley At The Communist Chinese Flag Raising to Celebrate the Communist Take Over of China


Before she was a member of the so-called Squad in the U.S. House of Representatives, Ayanna Pressly was a member of  the Boston City Council.   I met her back in 2009  when she was collecting signatures in front of Roche Brothers Supermarket in the West Roxbury section of Boston, MA to get herself on the ballot.  She struck me as a pleasant and personable lady.  I gladly signed her nomination papers while explaining that I am a Constitutionalist and don’t agree with her on most issues.  I don’t know if she was always the race-baiting Marxist that she is today, but I think I got my answer back in September of 2010 when she spoke at the Chinese Progressive Association’s Chinese Communist flag-raising event celebrating the communist takeover of China.

I first got wind of these Communist Chinese flag raising ceremonies on Boston’s City Hall Plaza back in 2007 while I was leaving Suffolk Superior Court House after being released from jury duty.  In 2008 and years after that, I organized protests against these flag raising events, and along the way, made friends with the Falon Gong practitioners who were also on hand to protest these outrageous flag raisings ceremonies.  In 2010, Mr. Jesse Schiff made this video and recently edited it, E-mailed a copy to me and gave us permission to upload it on our YouTube channel.


The video doesn’t show Pressley speaking but at the end of the video is a picture of my letter to the editor of a local newspaper mentioning Pressley’s presence at the event.  This short video shows me with my son Nathaniel and daughter Kristina and friends Dan McGonigle and Carla Mora along with others holding signs protesting the event.  One sign read “Mayor Maonino.”

Elected officials at both the state and local level have been speakers at was once an annual event.  The Boston City Council even passed a resolution to honor the communist takeover of China.   Thanks to our successful lawsuit, Shurtleff v Boston  http://www.lc.org/flag, the city suspended all flag-raising ceremonies in October of 2021 when the U.S. Supreme Court decided to hear our case, and after the 9-0 ruling in our favor announced in May of 2022, the city ended its flag raising program.

So, when Pressley routinely denounces the United States, remember that she happily supports the most vile and murderous regime in the history of mankind that has brough misery not just to the people of its own country but to those around the world.