Camp Constitution Ladies ‘Spring Fling’ Report by Edith Craft

Camp Constitution Ladies’ ‘Spring Fling’/Advance was held Friday, April 12–- Sunday, April 14, 2024, at Alton Bay Christian Conference Center in Alton, New Hampshire.  This was our first time using this facility but will not be our last!

The Advance was a great success and a huge Blessing! to all who attended.  We were rather small in number but large! in Blessings!  Every Camp C. Lady contributed in their own unique way.  We made some new friends and welcomed back our ‘old’ friends.

Dr. Felecia Nace was our featured guest speaker and gave a very insightful talk on Artificial Intelligence or A.I.  Here are just three points from Dr. Nace’s presentation slide“How is A.I. Being Marketed?   0   A. I. is marketed as a technological advancement in society.  0  It is advertised as harmless and a seamless extension of man’s ability to think.  A.I. is solely marketed as having to do with technology.  We learned a great deal from her research and presentation.


Special thanks to our endearing, compassionate, generous Organizer, Roberta and Co-organizer, Maura, who brings unique artistic skills to craft-making.  Sapphire helped us Ladies prepare for the day with Stretching combined with ‘worship’ — Scripture, music, wisdom from her acquired experience as ‘Coach’ Gimenez, and ample encouragement.  Edith and Charmaine presented devotional songs in a printed format (Edith) and a well-prepared ‘dive’ into God’s Word by Charmaine.  Our campfire singing was led by Paulie, an experienced and anointed singer.  All the Ladies worked so very well together.  All Ladies helped wherever there was a need!

A great treat at the Advance was the Marksmanship Skill-building time.  We received much instruction and experience from Captain P.  It was a confidence-building activity where we all benefitted.


The food at the Dining Room was always delicious, nicely presented by friendly, caring staff—the kind of people you want to serve you!  Hats off to the Dining Room staff!

Camp Constitution visionary and founder, Hal, also played a huge part in making this Advance a success.  Hats off to Hal, as well!

Mark your calendars for the Ladies Fall Advance at the Alton Bay Christian Conference Center Friday November 22 to Sunday November 24 and next year’s Spring Fling Friday May 2 to Sunday May 4.