The Weekly Sam: The “Alpha-Phonics” Song

Sam Blumenfeld was one of the first to discover that not only did the United States have a reading problem, but that the reading problem was deliberately created.   He spent a good portion of his life warning parents of the dangers of government schools and how the “Look-Say” or site method of reading was causing dyslexia.  He created what I believe to be his most important work:  Alpha-Phonics   He also produced Phonics For Success which has the exact same lessons as Alpha-Phonics but in a smaller size.  Hundreds of thousands of people have been positively impacted by “Alpha-Phonics.”

Singer, songwriter Mark Houston sings the Alpha-Phonics song pointing out the life changing impact Sam’s book has had on thousands of people:


Order a copy of Alpha-Phonics  or Phonics for Success from our on-line shop   And, a link to the Blumenfeld Archives where you can access Sam’s Alpha-Phonics as well as most of work: