Bunker Hill Day Remembered


Remarks by the late  Pastor Garrett Lear, the Patriot Pastor at the 245th Anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill  , June 17, 2020

The Battle Cry No other king but King Jesus!
Isaiah 33:22

We are here today in the midst of a prevailing chaos to celebrate a decisive loss of life and property. The 245th Anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill.
WE should be here, we must be here, we want to be here. Here we stand as our ancestors did so long ago. Our stand is more ceremonial than actual. No blood and treasure will be expended today as it was then.
1200 colonial troops under the command of seasoned soldier and leader William Prescott in a stealth move occupied Bunker and Breed’s Hills.
Belligerents as they were called (some of us here today might be called that) came from CT, MA, NH, RI under command of Prescott, Putnam , Warren, Stark faced off against Howe, Gage, Pigot, Abercrombie Clinton, Graves, Pitcairn. 2400 against 3000.

The battle was tactical though somewhat a Pyrrhic victory for the British. It certainly proved that because of the American Colonial Patriot courage, Yankee ingenuity and mettle… inexperienced militia could stand up to regular troops in battle. What an important message to send to King George by special delivery post!
Our losses: 115 Killed 305 wounded 30 captured (20 POWS died) Totaling 450.
Their losses:19 officers killed 62 officers wounded 207 soldiers killed 766 soldiers wounded total 1,054. That sent the British high command an important message that all tyrants need to hear… we will not submit to lawless deeds or have our native natural God Given rights violated.
I had at least 4 ancestors here perhaps more than that, who I am attempting to verify.

At this present time in our beloved country, when skin color is being rioted over so to speak… there were some 150 African Americans and some 27 American Indians on the Patriot side. Free African Americans Barzillai Lew, Salem Poor, and Peter Salem for example.
The one of the last and longest living survivors was Ralph Farnham. He Lived long enough to tell about the battle, keeping it fresh in people’s minds as we are here to do today. We will not forget. Will we?
“Do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes”… we may not be sure who said it first, but we know that when they ran out of powder and shot, they threw rocks rather than surrender the hill!
That is Hutzpah, that is Huzzah, that is Hallelujah. Let us pray.

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