The Weekly Sam: Rudolph Flesch and Sam Blumenfeld


In the early 1960s, when Sam Blumenfeld was an editor for Grosset and Dunlop, New York City Attorney and Tennis Hall of  Fame member Watson Washburn asked hin to join his newly former reading reform organization.  Sam confessed to Mr. Washburn that he had no idea that any reading problems existed.  After all, he reasoned, learning how to read was simple.   Mr. Washburn urged Sam to read Rudolph’s book Why Johnny Can’t Read And What You Cam Do About It to help him understand why the U.S. had a reading problem.   Sam read the book, joined Mr. Washburn’s organization, and within a few years, dedicated his life to promote intensive phonics and expose the deliberate dumbing down of America’s children.

Sam became friends with Flesch.  This is a link to their correspondence:

Sam left us an incredible legacy and much of it can be found on his archives: