Happy United Nations Day


Today, October 24 marks United Nations Day.  Students in government schools and many private schools around the United States and the world will be told how wonderful and glorious the United Nations is, and how it was founded to be Mankind’s last and best hope for peace. In other words, they will be lied too.  They won’t learn the true history of the United Nations.  They won’t learn that the U.N.’s first acting secretary and co-author of its charter was Alger Hiss, a Soviet Agent.  They won’t learn that its “peacekeepers” have been involved in child trafficking, torture and murder.  They won’t learn about the U.N.’s support for terrorist organizations, and they won’t learn the United Nations was created to build what George H.W. Bush called “The New World Order. The best way to celebrate U.N. Day is to expose its sordid founding and history.

(U.N. “Peacekeepers” torturing and murdering in Somalia)

Camp Constitution instructor John McManus conducted a class on the subject at our 2019 family camp:



Camp Constitution recommends several excellent books on the subject available from our on-line shop:

   Inside the U.N:  A Critical Look at the U.N by Steve Bonta.  https://campconstitution.net/product/inside-the-united-nations-a-critical-look-at-the-un-by-steve-bonta/

The United Nations Conspiracy by Robert Lee


And, America and the United Nations: : https://campconstitution.net/product/america-and-the-united-