The Weekly Sam: Moise Tshombe, and the United Nations’ Racist Attack Against Katanga

Sam Blumenfeld was the founder of “American Friends of Katanga.”  In May of 1964, Sam traveled to Spain to interview Moise Tshombe who was in exile. Dr. Tshombe was an anti-communist Christian leader of Katanga.   The United Nations’ “peace-keepers” invaded the Province of Katanga in December of 1962.  These mainly white “peace-keepers,”  which had the support of the United States, bombed hospitals, and murdered and raped civilians.

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Dr. Tshombe returned to Katanga to serve as Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 1964-1965.  In October of 1965, he was dismissed by the President Kasa Vubu.  He went into exile again in Spain.   In June of 1967, his plane was hijacked by a French intelligence agent and he was brought to Algeria where he lived under house arrest until his death in 1969.

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