The Dixiecrat Hoax by James Irvin

The Dixiecrat Hoax
There was no mass migration of racists and segregationists from one party to the other. Why are racist comments by GOP members broadcasted, published and rehashed while racist comments by Democrats are quickly buried. When a secular progressive says something racially inflammatory then it is considered a gaffe. Is the party platform of the GOP racist? I can find many quotes online of racist comments by both major parties. The Democrats play down their racism so they seem like the paternal saviors of all races. We’ve been fed historical lies so the hoax is perpetuated. Why do the parties seem polar opposites on race. The Klansman in the south threatened the blacks who were Republicans. It was safer to be a Democrat. The pictures of black GOP members were on cards with their names. They were targeted by racist Democrats. The New Deal was appealing enough for many blacks to change parties. The rise of Marxism and many revolutionaries caused blacks to drift away from the Republican Party. WEB DuBois was a communist and very influential. Capitalism is under heavy scrutiny by today’s black intellectuals like Dr. Umar Johnson and self proclaimed Marxist, Cornel West. The progressive black has to “check” the conservative blacks by various methods of disqualifying his every word. Often people who don’t want to be Democrats are called “Uncle Tom.” If he tries to defend himself he is considered “buckdancing” and “cooning” to be adored by whites. All of this is done for the Democratic machine. It is shameless. Here are my main problems with the DNC:
They butcher US history. They love black history month but often leave out the black Republicans who risked their lives for freedom.
Family Values. If you are a secular person then everything may fit your morals in the direction the nation is going. The Christian who actually reads, believes and wants to follow the scriptures clearly see that the US morally is on a path of perdition and destruction. According to the scriptures Man is supposed to be fruitful and multiply. Each man is supposed to not only be responsible for himself but also his family. The secular progressives give us abortion and a new sexual revolution every generation. Even the Christians in the DNC are squishy when it comes to affirming what they say believe. They find a thousand reasons not to follow the clearly written scriptures on morality. The GOP panders to Christians but they often promise better on moral issues. I suppose pandering is better than outright opposition to Christianity.
Economics. The DNC speakers usually speak about raising someone’s taxes to lift up or help someone else. This is an age old scam.
The author, Mr.   James Irvin served in the U.S. Coast Guard,  and currently is a nurse.  He is a homeschool father and resides in Lynn, MA with his wife and daughters.  His family attended Camp Constitution’s 2016 Annual Family Camp.