The Sam Blumenfeld Archives Received over 137,000 Views in June and July

The late Sam Blumenfeld,  author, educator, homeschool pioneer, and instructor at Camp Constitution, left his library to Camp Constitution’s co-founder and director Hal Shurtleff.  Hal told Sam on his deathbed that his legacy, and work will continue to influence future generations.  To help make that statement a reality, Hal with the help of Bill McNally, director of the Samuel L.  Blumenfeld Literacy Foundation, spend numerous hours going through Sam’s materials which included hundreds of  his articles, books,  copies of his speeches on cassettes, VHS tapes, reel to reels, unpublished manuscripts, and letters.   Mark Affleck, the camp’s newspaper editor, and Eric Conover, the web master,  created the Sam Blumenfeld Archives on the camp’s web site.   This archives is an incredible tribute to Sam’s work and life.

The archive’s main feature is perhaps Sam’s most important work, “Alpha Phonics” in PDF format along with all 128 lessons in audio and video.  While 137,000 views in two months is still a modest amount of views, we think it is an excellent start.    Please help Camp Constitution share Sam’s important work and legacy. with children