Camp Constitution Instructor and Black Clergyman Rev. Steve Craft Defends Paul Lepage

  Camp Constitution instructor Rev. Steve Craft defended Governor Paul Lepage.  Rev Craft sent  LePage a  letter defending his comments on drug addiction in the state, and offering his help.  Below is a copy:chappy1-300x300




Office of The Governor

#1 State House Station

Augusta, Maine 04333-0001

 August 26, 2016


Dear Governor LePage,


Greetings to you sir, in Christ’s Name!Just a word of encouragement from a Black, Conservative, Patriotic, Clergy, who totally agrees and realizes the attacks you face in the liberal media!I am aware of the problems you face, with the drug epidemic in your state. I am a good friend  Hal Shurtleff, whom you met with on April 4th of this year.

As a former heroin addict from 1966 to 1976, I can testify that everything you say in regard to drug dealers and addicts is true. I have been clean and sober since 1977 and went on to earning a Master of Divinity Degree from Harvard University in 1996. Since then, I have worked as a Correctional Chaplain at various institutions, and now at the ripe young age of 72yrs, I speak on substance abuse issues as opportunities arise!

 If I can be of assistance, in any way, do not hesitate to contact me.



 Reverend Steven Louis Craft, M.Div

732-682-2741 Cell