Pro-Life Rally and Press Conference at the Massachusetts State House

     Camp Constitution Media attended today’s  Pro-Life Rally and Press Conference at the Massachusetts State House.

The Susan B. Anthony List, Renew Massachusetts Coalition, Massachusetts Family Institute and other pro-life individuals and organizations held a press conference today  Wednesday June 5, 2019 at the Massachusetts State House  to announce the results of a recent poll regarding the provisions of the Roe Act Infanticide Bill.  Participants included Sue Swayze Liebel, State Policy Director, Susan B. Anthony List, Andrew Beckwith, Massachusetts Family Institute,  Debby Dugan, Renew Massachusetts Coalition, Myrna Maloney Flynn, Massachusetts Citizens for Life, Abigail Young, Students for Life, and Bernadette and Jim Lyons

The event was in opposition to the  Roe Act (SB 1209 and HB 3320)  which would radically expand abortion in Massachusetts by eliminating parental consent for underage girls to get an abortion, removing any quantifiable or meaningful justification for a late term abortion (after 24 weeks), and removing the provision that requires a baby born alive receive life-saving care. Recent polling conducted by Susan B Anthony list demonstrates that Massachusetts voters do not support this dramatic expansion of abortion and oppose the specific policy changes proposed by the Roe Act.