The Weekly Sam: Four Years Ago Today We Lost a Giant But His Work Lives On


Four years ago today, I lost a dear friend, and the world lost one of the pioneers in the modern homeschool movement, and one of the first to have the courage to expose the “Education Mafia.”  Sam Blumenfeld was born May 31, 1926 and, died a day after his 89th birthday June 1, 2015.   About 20 years ago, Sam told me that he would work until he dropped.  He was true to his word, giving and selling copies of his last book Crimes of the Educators which he co-authored with Alex Newman on his deathbed.  I last saw Sam five days before he passed with Alex Newman who was meeting Sam in person for the first time.    I  pledged to Sam that we at Camp Constitution would ensure that his work would  people for years to come.

Sam left  his library, and papers to me. and with the help of Bill McNally, founder of the Sam Blumenfeld Literacy Foundation, Mark Affleck, our camp newspaper editor, and our webmaster Eric Conover, the Sam Blumenfeld Archives was created.  Since its debut in late 2015, the archives have been visited by thousands of people around the world.  Last year, the archives had close to two million views, and over 100,000 downloads.  We encourage readers to help promote Sam’s work by sharing the archives, and donating to Camp Constitution which will enable us to maintain and expand the archive.         Donations can be made via our PayPal account accessed from our website’s homepage

Sam asked me to host a luncheon when Alex Newman was in town.  Here is a link to that event that took place a few days before his passing: