Freedom Convoy in Boston: Open Up Our State and Country

John Hugo and his Super Happy Fun America  held a Freedom Convoy throughout  Boston today (April 17).   The event started at 2:00 PM on Boston’s waterfront and made its way through the North End, Financial District, Downtown, Chinatown, South End and the Fenway.  There were approximately 40 vehicles bedecked  in patriotic banners, U.S., Christian, Straight Pride, and Trump flags.  The participants represented a cross section of Americans-black, white, Hispanic,  Asian, young, middle-aged and old.

The theme of the convoy was “Open Up Our State and Country.” In an interview shortly before the event, John Hugo said that “A medical emergency shouldn’t be used to “suspend constitutional rights  while they are letting  thousands of people out of jail they are arresting  people attending funerals.  Enough is enough.”  While the convey had its share of thumbs down, obscene gestures, and foul language from  the onlookers,  it received far more thumbs up,  and words of support.    The convoy stopped in front of the Massachusetts State House and attendees  held a short rally calling on Governor Baker to end the lock down.   The Boston Police were on hand and they were  supportive and cooperative.   When the convoy drove through Chinatown, we observed that all of the restaurants were closed.   Back in late February, Mayor Walsh and other Leftists of his ilk were calling people racist for avoiding Chinatowns.  He was nowhere to be found among the shuttered doors of the community.

Patriot all over the nation, while acknowledging the seriousness of the Coronavirus pandemic, are organizing rallies and convoys demanding an end to government overreach which is destroying our once robust economy causing unemployment, fear, depression, and even suicides.