Coronavirus and the Deep State: An Interview of Alex Newman


Camp Constitution Radio recently caught up with Alex Newman to discuss how the Deep State is taking advantage of the Coronavirus as well as the potential  positive outcomes  of the virus.  Here is a link to the interview posted on our Podomatic page:

  Alex Newman is an American journalist and consultant who writes about economics, finance, banking, business, and politics for diverse publications in the United States and abroad. He studied journalism, economics and political science at the University of Florida. In addition to his own consulting firm, Alex has worked in market research, marketing, strategy, research, information gathering and consulting for international companies, non-profit organizations and various political campaigns. He is also the co-author of a book exposing some of the problems with today’s public education system. Alex will be an instuctor at this year’s annual family camp which runs from July 19-24 at the Singing Hills Christian Camp in Plainfield.  For more information about the camp, please visit our website