Mike Farquhar

January 6 Insurrection Lie

Those who hate Trump will forever cling to the lie;  – that the defeated President ordered a coup of Congress.  The ‘legitimacy’ of the Dementia pResidency depends upon it. 
EVERY great lie is built around a grain of truth.  So in fact there were a small handful of genuine Trump supporters who were swept up in the crowd of paid thespians,  – unaware of the duplicity being enacted.  One paid with her life.  A rogue cop killed her.

“I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol Building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard…”

NOTE:  This video clip – produced by Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post,  – uses the word INCITE.   We’ve listened to it often;  – and heard no incitement.

Who were the invaders?

Dozens or Hundreds?  Armed?

Congressional Lives Ever At Risk?

At Trump’s Orders?

“I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol Building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard…”

Who Opened the Doors?


NEVER send a politician’s boy to do a MAN’S JOB!

Police Officer Suicides?

Officers Jeffrey Smith,  Howard Liebengood,  Kyle DeFreytag,  and Gunther Hashida were all found dead of ‘suicide’ in the days and weeks following Jan 6th.

It is likely that no competent independent investigation will ever be conducted;  – but ask yourself why would 4 cops suddenly kill themselves,…unless,…they didn’t.

For the next 300+ years,  the events of January 6th will be retold,  written about,  and turned into movies.   The TRUTH about those events will slowly fade and eventually die of old age,  as will the eye-witness participants.

Democraps and communists – people who hate our Constitution,  – will tell a story of “right-wing Trump fanatics who stormed the capitol – to overturn a legitimate election”.

It’s a story they NEED you to believe, – to cover up the massive election fraud of November 2020.

Some Americans,  including this writer,  – see the events of January 6th as George Soros using people trained and vetted in a series of “Occupy” events in recent years – – to infiltrate the Trump crowd,  and co-opt and hijack some angry and willing fools into a massive trespass of the Capitol.

Today,  a year into the presidency of China Joe Biden,  it is difficult to believe that 81 million people ever voted to have their booming Trump Economy destroyed overnight by a career crook,  sell-out,  and bombastic braggart with advancing dementia.

While the events of Jan 6th 2021 were a massive and chaotic trespass of a government building,…it was NOT an insurrection.  A link to The Rapid Republican blog  original source of this article:   https://rabidrepublicanblog.com/























Neighborhood Home Schooling Co-Ops? by Iron Mike

As hysteria-driven Progressive Governors are ordering schools closed; – some like California for the remainder of the school year,….have we been given an opening to finally break the government / teacher union stranglehold on our kids’ minds?

Home schooling works! Those who have tried it know you can move quickly through the daily curriculum in a couple of hours, – it really doesn’t take all day. You can schedule the work when it suits you, – no bells to start and end classes, – and your kids don’t need to raise their hands to visit the bathroom.
OK, – so not every parent is equipped to do the job.  But living somewhere near you is a person fully equipped and able to handle your kids, and a few more from your neighbors.

Even better, – older kids can make great teachers of younger kids.
There are lesson plans and materials ready to download. All the History and Geography lessons you’ll ever need are lurking just inside your computer. Let them out!
You can even include God in your lessons,….and nobody can stop you! They won’t even know!
In their zeal to prove they can exert absolute control over your lives, the Godless Progressives have just given you the freedom to teach and educate your kids as you see fit!
You can even teach gun safety and marksmanship!

This article originated at Rapid Republican Blog     https://rabidrepublicanblog.com   written by Mike “Iron Mike” Farquhar.