Neighborhood Home Schooling Co-Ops? by Iron Mike

As hysteria-driven Progressive Governors are ordering schools closed; – some like California for the remainder of the school year,….have we been given an opening to finally break the government / teacher union stranglehold on our kids’ minds?

Home schooling works! Those who have tried it know you can move quickly through the daily curriculum in a couple of hours, – it really doesn’t take all day. You can schedule the work when it suits you, – no bells to start and end classes, – and your kids don’t need to raise their hands to visit the bathroom.
OK, – so not every parent is equipped to do the job.  But living somewhere near you is a person fully equipped and able to handle your kids, and a few more from your neighbors.

Even better, – older kids can make great teachers of younger kids.
There are lesson plans and materials ready to download. All the History and Geography lessons you’ll ever need are lurking just inside your computer. Let them out!
You can even include God in your lessons,….and nobody can stop you! They won’t even know!
In their zeal to prove they can exert absolute control over your lives, the Godless Progressives have just given you the freedom to teach and educate your kids as you see fit!
You can even teach gun safety and marksmanship!

This article originated at Rapid Republican Blog   written by Mike “Iron Mike” Farquhar.