Camp Constitution Hosts Climate Change Refuted Press Conference at the Massachusetts State House

       Camp Constitution recently hosted a press conference at the Massachusetts State House to refute the climate change narrative.  The local corporate media, a.k.a. fake news, was given plenty of advanced notice of the event.  E-mails, phone calls, and paper copies of the news release were hand-delivered to the members of the state house press. We had two of the nation’s, if not the world’s, leading expert on the subject on hand:  Professor Willie Soon, and Joe D’Aleo , co-founder of the Weather Channel.  While we had local independent press, Ted Tripp of the Boston Broadside, and Dianna Ploss of WSMN-AM who did a live feed, not one member of the corporate press would walk down two flights of stairs to our conference.  As the conference was going on, I went up to the press room to remind the members of the press conference who we had downstairs and that they should be attending the conference.  But they failed to show.  So, after the conference, we visited them.

Here is a link to the press  conference:  And a link to our visit to the press room:

During Joe D”Aleo’s presentation, he showed the results of a worldwide poll taken which listed the participants major concerns.  Climate change was on the bottom of the list.  That is due to the efforts of the likes of Professor Soon, Joe D’Aleo, and countless others that have the courage to speak the truth.  It is our job to help these men, and their colleagues by introducing people to their work.    Please share our videos far and wide.  Post them on the Facebook pages of the newspapers, TV and radio stations and on the pages of local and national politicians.  Host presentations on this subject in your community.

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