Camp Constitution Offering Free Resource to Help Expose Agenda 21

Camp Constitution has made Rescue Mission Planet Earth A Children’s Edition of Agenda 21 available in a PDF format  to help expose Agenda 21.  This book was published in 1994 when it was still fashionable to use the term “Agenda 21.”   Written by “the children of the World” with a little help from the United Nations, it is nothing more than blatant propaganda.

Here are a few excerpts:

      “The greatest challenge of both our time and the next century is to save the planet from destruction. It will require changing the very foundations of modern civilization-the relationship of humans to nature.”  Mikhail Gorbachev (pg 7)

This is the same man who said “I am a Communist, a convinced Communist! For some that may be a fantasy.  But to me it is my main goal.”

And next to Comrade Gorbachev’s quote, we find this from Citizen Al Gore:

“As chairman of the Space Sub-committee in the Senate, I strongly urged a Mission to Planet Earth, a worldwide monitoring system staffed by children…designed to rescue the global environment”

Evidence of Agenda 21’s hostility to the family:

“Q There’s a lot in Agenda 21 about women playing a critical role in population, but aren’t men usually the problem?

A Yes – there’s a lot of male authority but not much male responsibility in relation to child bearing.  Men are not burdened with the problem of giving birth, they tend to exploit children – sending them to work instead of investing in their education. What can children do? They should challenge their parents not to have any more children until they can look after them properly.

Dr Nafi, Sadik, Executive Director, UN Population (pg. 32)

On the same page we find this quote from the lyrics of a song written by Paul Simon:

“The earth groans every time it registers another birth.”

“Q Agenda 21 chapter 5 on population is very weak. How did this happen?

A It happened because very powerful lobbies did not allow the Summit to talk about the population. There was a coming together of views of the Vatican with the anti-abortion lobby in the US and some other developed countries who did not want to talk about the other side of population which is consumption.”   Shridath Ramphal, co-chair, Commission on Global Governance (pg. 33)

Hostility to the American Rancher:

     “LESS MEAT     Soil degradation is sometimes caused by overgrazing. In the USA, 85 %’of the soil lost is directly attributed to the creation of livestock for consumption. In addition, 50% of the fresh water resources is used to irrigate pasture and food crops for cattle. Switching to a vegetarian or reduced meat diet would definitely bring environmental advantages. (pg. 54)

     The use of Non-Government Organizations to implement Agenda 21:

“NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are charities and pressure groups formed by ordinary people, independent of governments and political parties, e.g. Greenpeace, World Wild Life Fund and Amnesty International. They have a wealth of expertise and energy vital to the making the agenda work. We hope that many will work with young people on the Rescue Mission. (pg. 66)

  Implementation of Agenda 21 locally:

“LOCAL POLITICS Local authorities, as the level of government closest to people, have a vital role in educating and mobilizing the public to get behind the goals of Agenda 21. Agenda 21, chapter 28 Every local authority should prepare a Local Agenda 21 to link the interests of local people in business, public services and ordinary citizens”. (pg. 69)

The Mass Media’s involvement in the promotion of Agenda 21:

“Congratulations on a first-rate job …. As a result of your work, thousands of young people and adults will learn about Agenda 21 and understand our commitment to sustainable development. ” Vice President Al Gore “Rescue Mission, which is both marvelously illustrated and impressively written by children, is a positive step …. It breaks down Agenda 21, an extremely complicated subject, into language and images that children can. understand and that parents can appreciate.” The Nature Conservancy ” … explains in clear language the nuts and bolts of the global agreement… includes wonderful drawings, poems, and stories … It’s full of solid information that is easy and fun reading. ” USA Today

Here is a link to the book on Camp Constitution’s website:  

Camp Constitution is offering this book as a free resource but would appreciate donations that would be used to help us expose, and defeat Agenda 21.    Donations, monthly or one-time, may be made via our PayPal account accessed from our website’s homepage