Black Conservative Pastor, Rev. Steve Craft, Goes Off on White Liberal School Committee Members

Rev. Steve Craft, chaplain for Camp Constitution, goes off on all white school committee in Sutton, MA-a small town in Central Massachusetts.  Like practically, all government schools across the United Stares, Sutton’s schools are promoting homosexuality, drag queen store hour, and the Marxist DEI and CRT.  These comments were made on Thursday May 9, 2024


             A transcript of Rev. Craft’s comments:

Everybody, look at me you see I’m not white. I’ve been black for 80 years and, won’t turn white no time soon.  I keep hearing all this talk about racism and transphobia and homophobe and all these phobias, and I saw that PowerPoint up there, but I didn’t see anything about Bible clubs up there.  I am a preacher, a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and many of these parents in here don’t have opinions but they have principles because they love God and like I heard that brother over there say, and they want to know why straight white children are having this pumped down their throats about sodomy, about transgenderism.  About a boy that can come to school one day and be a boy and the next day he’s a girl.  That’s a lie from hell we have to come to reality there’s no truth in that nonsense.  It’s damnable, and as a minister of the Gospel. I encourage every parent in here to stand against this lie that’s been spewed out in the pits of hell because that’s where it comes.

God created male and female.  There’s no such thing as this trans nonsense.  That’s mental illness at worst and demon possession at best. You want to talk about all this race nonsense.  This is do with diversity, equity and inclusion and critical race theory.  I don’t see a black kid in this school, and I don’t even live here. I’m a grandfather.   (Right on brother.)  If you were teaching my grandkids about they could be a boy on Monday a girl on Tuesday and a combination of both on Wednesday, we have an issue.  Y’all that is real nonsense.  You can look at every person in this place.  Whatever side of they are on-all I see is male and female.  Where are the other 90 genders?   This is pure nonsense (amen).   What we have to understand that if we’re going to have compassion, if we’re going to come down for compassion and understanding for all then we have to look to those who don’t agree with this mess not because of an opinion but because of Biblical principles that say sodomy is wicked.

(Applause from the audience.)

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Rev’s bio:

The Reverend Steven Louis Craft holds a Master of Divinity Degree from Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, MA and a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Pastoral Counseling from Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. He has completed Clinical Pastoral Education at Boone Hospital Center, Columbia, Missouri. Rev. Craft is a member of the American Correctional Chaplains Association and is ordained as a Correctional Chaplain with the American Baptist Churches, U.S.A.. He formerly served as Correctional Chaplain at the Pine Prairie Correctional Center, the Missouri State Penitentiary and the Moshannon Valley Correctional Center in Central Pennsylvania.

Reverend Craft is the co-author of Virtue and Vice: A Fascinating Journey into Spiritual Transformation. He is also the author of Morality and Freedom: America’s Dynamic Duo.   Rev. Steven is also a motivational and inspirational speaker on issues involving race, religion, politics, and culture from a Christian, Black American, Conservative perspective. As a flexible, multi-faceted speaker, Reverend Craft can compose his message to meet a variety of audiences, always promising an insightful and power-packed presentation.  His latest book America Home of the Free or Land of the Slave was just released. He currently serves as the chaplain, instructor and speaker for Camp Constitution, and a pastor of a house church in Lexington, MA