Tomorrow’s Children: A 1934 Movie Exposing Eugenics and Forced Sterilization

While doing research for The Racist Roots of Planned Parenthood and Its Legacy of Death,    I discovered this movie from 1934 “Tomorrow’s Children” which was an expose of forced sterilization laws in the United States.

This is from the movie’s description:

Please note the date of this movie. It is BEFORE the eugenics movement of Germany under Adolph Hitler, 1936 onward. That is because the eugenics movement started in America, and remains blight upon our history, and upon our present as well. Eugenics had its strongest hold in California, where forced sterilization was practiced with disturbing frequency. It was the eugenics practices of the US that inspired and encouraged Hitler to do the same. The shock and horror of Auschwitz and the Holocaust and of the hospital sanctioned murder of the “mentally defective”, forced eugenics mostly underground. Planned Parenthood is the only open manifestation of eugenics in the US today. But as one can see from the “Georgia Guidestones” and the statements of certain British royalty, dedicated elitist adherents of eugenics are still quite alive and secretly active today. If this movie seems a little tentative in its treatment of the subject of eugenics, remember when it was made. Unlike us, the writers and actors here did not have in hindsight the movie reels of emaciated bodies being bulldozed into trenches, or of the hastily abandoned crematoria surrounded fields full of ashes. The makers of this movie had foresight to warn us the best way they could, and the courage to go ahead with it. I’m sure many of them would live to witness the above-described horrors that lay in their future, and wished with regret that more would have listened.