Will Boston Human Right’s Commission take action against Mayor Wu and other city officials who participated in a non-whites city sponsored event?


Boston’s Human Rights Commission was established in 1985. It became dormant by the mid-1990s but in 2019, Mayor Marty Walsh reactivated it and appointed seven members. After reading their credentials, it is a safe bet that not one of them is a subscriber to Fox News. From its website:

“The Human Rights Commission advances equity, understanding, and respect for all.

“Our mission is to enforce Human Rights, to engage in relationships and partnerships that embody the principles of dignity and respect, and to create a culture of human rights compliance and accountability. We act as a driver for social change based on principles of substantive equality, equity, and inclusion for all.

“Our work includes public, community, and private partners. We provide outreach and information, education, and technical help. We refer discrimination complaints to the right entities for resolution. We also seek to find and understand patterns and practices of systematic discrimination.” And:

“The Commission has the power to conduct hearings and call witnesses and can issue reports and the results of investigations. The Commission also has the power to adopt rules and regulations and recommend legislation to the City Council and the Mayor.”

They have a “Respond to Hate”: toolkit where I found this:

Report to government anti-discrimination agencies.

Report to City of Boston Human Rights Commission.

Report to community organizations.

Support the victim(s)

I contacted the commission by E-mail and asked if they will take action against Wu and her racist colleagues.  So far, the commission has not released a statement on the subject. Bostonians especially those that were victims of Wu and her colleague’s blatant racism have a duty to file a formal complaint with the commission and demand an investigation. If the commission refuses, its board members are nothing more than enables of what they profess to oppose and should resign, and the organization abolished.
Readers can give this august body a call 617-635-2328 or E-mail them HumanRights@Boston.Gov to file a complaint.

I was a victim of religious discrimination back in 2017 when Mayor Walsh refused to give me and my organization a permit to fly the Christian flag. It took almost five years to get justice but on May 2, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in our favor. http://www.lc.org/flag This act of discrimination cost the city a few million in legal fees. To my knowledge, Boston’s Human Rights Commission took no action on our case. Let’s hope it will take action against Wu and her associates.

P.S.:   The commission has failed to release a statement on the surge of anti-Semitism in the wake of the Hamas’ atrocity against innocent civilians.


A bumper sticker a Boston resident recently gave to me.