We Don’t Co-Parent with the Government by Rev. CL Bryant


Camp Constitution participated in an event hosted by Freedom Works that took place in Laconia, NH on Saturday September 25.  Among the speakers and panelists were Rev. CL Bryant, author, radio and TV personality and a senior fellow at Freedom Works; Laura Zorc, Director of Education at Freedom Works; Skip Murphy, co-founder of GraniteGrok, a  New Hampshire on-line conservative media outlet; Camp Constitution’s Rev. Steve Craft; parent activists Jade Wood, and Michelle Tyler;  Dr. Larry Borland, and New Hampshire state reps Dawn Johnson, Jim Kofalt, and Tim Baxter.

The event covered a wide range of topics that included stopping “wokeness” and CRT in schools, parent empowerment, running for local office and data privacy issues.  Rev. CL Bryant closed the event with his powerful message “We Don’t Co-Parent with the Government”: