Visit Camp Constitution’s On-Line Shop

Camp Constitution has an on-line shop where we offer books, yard signs, pins, and bumper stickers.  Here is a sample of some of the items in the shop:

We just added a Ten Commandments Yard Sign:

Teach your children how to read using phonics or encourage members of your church, friends, neighbors and extended family members to use phonics by getting a copy of Sam Blumenfeld’s “Alpha-Phonics:

A Camp Constitution Press reprint of a 1958 book written by a former black communist with a foreword by  Rev. Steve Craft, Camp Constitution’s chaplain.  If you want to understand what is happening today it is important to understand what happened a generation ago.  The names change but the plan is the same:

A first edition paperback on the classic None Dare Call It Conspiracy:  

This came out in a time when it was “unfashionable to acknowledge that there was a Deep State.

While Communist China may own many American politicians, there were many in the Unted States that helped the communists take over China.  This book tells the story:

These are just a sampling of the many items available from our on-line shop.  All proceeds from the sale of the books and other items goes to support Camp Constitution.