The Weekly Sam: Was Neo-Nazi Leader George Lincoln Rockwell a Secret Communist?

In 1962, Sam Blumenfeld, at the suggestion of Robert Welch, wrote How the Left Created the Neo-Nazi Movement.  Much of it concerned American Neo-Nazi leader George Lincoln Rockwell.  Robert Welch did not like it. His notes are in the manuscript.  Sam got busy with other assignments and the book project sat on a shelf for years.  In 2015 or so, he offered it to me with the hope of getting someone to edit the manuscript.  Here is a link to manuscript.

It is a fascinating read and I think that Sam’s conclusions are accurate.  Sam believed that Rockwell was a communist who got disgusted with his role and was going to go to the FBI and expose the operation. It got him killed.  I am looking for volunteers that would want to edit this manuscript for publication.  If interested, please contact me at