The Weekly Sam: Learning to Read Has Been Politicized

Sam Blumenfeld would write letters to big city mayors and schools officials on a regular basis offering his services free of charge.  He would ask that he be given the worse performing schools,  and within a year, he would turn them around.  He seldom got a reply, and when he did,  it was thank you but no thank you.   Sam was right to believe that government educators and left-wing politicians  had no interest in the creation of highly literate students.  The  functionally illiterate student was just what they wanted.

Sam’s point was recently reinforced when my city councilor (Boston, MA) Matt O’Malley had a posting on his Facebook page urging the signing  of a bill by Governor Baker of Massachusetts that would fund literacy programs.  I  posted in the comment section a link to the Sam Blumenfeld Archives and wrote that there was no need to spend money on a bill when the resource was free to the public.  My posting was quickly removed from his page.

While the government change agents have no use for Sam’s archives, many Americans do.   Please share this important resource far and wide.

Sam Blumenfeld Archive