The Weekly Sam–An Incredible Testimony from South Africa

Since the creation the Blumenfeld Archives, thousands of people from all over the United States and the  world  have  downloaded Sam’s work from our archives including members of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Bhutan.  Earlier this week,  we received this Email from a teacher in South Africa:

I am a South African educator who was recently placed over a class of severely intellectually disabled learners.  Some of the learners in my class have Cerebral Palsy, have been left brain damaged by drunken drivers and some have dyslexia and dyscalculia.  I came across the Alpha Phonics materials while researching the internet.  I tested the first few lessons (1-13) on my learners and found that I have been able to teach 12 out of my 14 learners how to read.  This has been an amazing process, with excellent progress, especially considering that these learners had been previously left in this class, for the past few years, with absolutely no progress whatsoever.

I am a divorced/single mother of three children, my youngest two sons are studying at tertiary institutions;  their biological father has been recently diagnosed with brain abscesses and has withdrawn all maintenance support.  I am desperately looking for a way to supplement the loss of this financial support and because of the success achieved in testing your reading system, I was wondering if you would grant me permission to use it to teach South African children how to read phonetically.  My children and I are in the process of losing our house and so I am in urgent need of a solution to our problem.  

In South Africa, more and more children are experiencing problems relating to reading.  Please may I have your permission to use Alpha Phonics to teach extra reading classes; I believe that using it would help me supplement my income, help me pay for the tuition of my sons, help me save our home and help many South African children to overcome learning and reading barriers, too.
       We, of course, granted her permission to use the Alpha-Phonics and she plans to video her testimonial.
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