The Weekly Sam: A New Book by Sam Blumenfeld “School-Induced Dyslexia and How it Deforms a Child’s Mind”

Sam Blumenfeld’s library and papers contained  numerous unpublished manuscripts.  We at Camp Constitution, and the Samuel L. Blumenfeld Literacy Foundation are pleased to announce that School-Induced Dyslexia and How it Deforms a Child’s Mind is the first of these works  that is now in print.   This 86-page book was originally completed in 2011.  It contains a foreword written by Chuck Morse, an author, radio talk show host, and close friend  who was the last person to interview Sam prior to his passing.

In this book, Sam makes an excellent case that the look-say method of teaching children to read is the main reason behind Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)  Sam had a simple solution for those suffering from Dyslexia and ADD– intensive phonics–and used his Alpha-Phonics  successfully to treat those suffering from these artificially created ailments.

School-Induced Dyslexia and How it Deforms a Child’s Mind  is available from our shop for $10. per copy which includes shipping in the U.S.   Help the children of America who are suffering from learning disorders and their parents who are encouraged by the Big Pharma and “Big Academia” to give their children harmful drugs.   A link to a PDF version from the archives: