The Goodness of America: Anonymous Donor Give a New Hampshire Nonagenarian $1,000 Fuel Credit


I recently had lunch with a friend-a nonagenarian- who didn’t want his name mentioned but wanted to share this incredible story of generosity and neighborly love which he hopes will inspire others.

My friend-like most of us-lives on a tight budget.  He picked up his mail the other day and this was the first letter he opened:


While this letter was not unexpected, it came a few days before Christmas.  However, a few minutes into his pile of mail, he found this one:

While he may have a few suspects in mind, Mr. Pierson was sworn to secrecy but promised my friend that he would deliver this thank you letter to the anonymous donor:

With all of the negative things happening in our country, it is still good to know that it still has plenty of wonderful generous, loving and caring people like this anonymous person in New Hampshire.