The Covid Cult and Medical Tyranny: An Interview with Nurse Terese Grinell

Camp Constitution attended a Freedom Rally at the State Capitol Concord, NH on January 1.  We were invited by Nurse Terese Grinell who has taken a courageous stance against vaccine mandates.  She even got arrested while at a meeting of the NH’s Executive Council for saying “amen.”

We interviewed her on Camp Constitution Radio.  A link to the interview on our Rumble page:

We did not bother to post in on our YouTube channel since any video that is critical of the Covid Cult and the Panic Porn, and its members unconstitutional and failed policies will be taken down.

And a link to an audio of the interview from our Podomatic page:

Pictures from the January 1, Rally Concord, NH                                             (Nurse Terese Grinnell)