Resources to Fight the Green Mafia

Recently, I made a posting on a local Facebook page making the claim that climate change is a hoax.  While most in the group agreed with me, one member of the group took serious exception to my post and wrote: “CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX??? Are you KIDDING ME??? If at this point you still think it’s a HOAX, you are an absolute FOOL.”

It is quite understandable why this person believes that climate change is real, and anyone who opposes the idea is an “absolute fool’ or worse.  We are inundated with climate change or global warming chicken littles from Greta “How Dare You” Thunberg to the corporate media to government schools to the Democrat Party, to the big non-profit foundations that fund every United Nations friendly non-government organization.  Some of these chicken littles are genuine ideologues while some are in it for the money.    They make up what I call the Green Mafia. And while they may not have their opponents “sleeping with the fishes,” they love to fire, ban, boycott and demonize their opponents.

Like the vast majority of members of the Green Mafia, I am not a scientist, but I have many friends who are.  In addition to my many scientist friends, I have been around almost sixty-five years and remember past predictions of the chicken littles that have come to naught.  One of the earliest was my eighth-grade teacher who told us that we may be facing an ice age or global cooling.


Then in the mid-1980s, the chicken littles told us that acid rain would kill all of the fish in the oceans, lakes, and ponds.  Former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis gave a press conference at Turners Pond in Milton, MA.  He said that acid rain killed all of the fish in the pond.  A few weeks later, I visited the pond and to my surprise, I saw people catching fish.  I had been lied too.  Around the same time, The Boston Globe published an article reporting that acid rain is killing the maple trees in Vermont.  A few years later while visiting Vermont, I picked up a local paper and read an article reporting that Vermont has experienced its largest maple sugar crop in the state’s history.  Then, it was the ozone hole.  We were all going to get skin cancer because we were destroying the ozone layer by using aerosol cans.  The ozone hole was huge in the Antarctic during the winter months. The chicken littles failed to report is that the sun is needed to make ozone, and it is dark in the Antarctic during the winter but when the sunlight returns, the ozone is replenished.


My scientist friends and friendly acquaintances that the Green Mafia calls “climate deniers” and whom I call climate realists:

Willie Soon


The first on the list is Professor Willie Soon, an instructor at Camp Constitution’s annual family camp.  His organization is Ceres Science  Our YouTube channel has a playlist of his presentations:

(Professor Willie Soon)

 Joe D’Aleo 

Joe is the co-founder of the Weather Channel, and a New Hampshire resident.  His organization is Weather Bell 

CFACT-Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow:


  CFACT’s Marc Morano is a regular on Fox and Newsweek, and Camp Constitution’s blog reposts the articles by Paul Driessen, its senior policy advisor.


Lord Christopher Monckton

Lord Monckton was an advisor to Margaret Thatcher and an instructor at Camp Constitutions’ annual family camp.  Most of his work can be found at The Heartland Institute.

 Tony Heller

My interview of Tony Heller where he gives an historical overview of climate and weather over the last 200 years, and by doing so, refutes today’s climate alarmists.

A link to his website:

Noah Webster:

Yes.  Noah Webster the famous lexicographer wrote and spoke on the subject of climate change.  He even debated Thomas Jefferson who conceded defeat.  In 1810, he published  On the Supposed of Change of Temperature of Winter. For a free download, please E-mail  me at

Finally, the late John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel.  I had the opportunity to interview him at an event sponsored by the Heartland Institute back in 2009. In the interview, Mr. Coleman said that global warming now rebranded as climate change was a hoax:


The above list is not exhaustive. There are many more resources, but the ones above are a good start.  Those who are reading this article in hard copy format, may E-mail me for an on-line version making it easier to access the linked videos and websites )