Lord Monckton and Camp Constitution’s Reply to the “Creepiest Counselor Ever” Comment

Back in November of 2018, several left-wing media outlets ran a story about Professor Willie Soon and Lord Monckton teaching at our 2018 family camp.   One of the them, “Climate Crocks” wrote:   “Lord” Monckton gets my vote for Creepiest Counselor ever.”

We addressed this during our closing ceremonies:


The article was entitled “Camp Nightmare:  Where Climate Denial gets a Merit Badge.”  Of course, our wholesome family camp where campers learn about our Godly heritage, and love of liberty is indeed a nightmare to those who hate God and liberty.  A link to the article:   https://climatecrocks.com/2018/11/14/camp-nightmare-where-climate-denial-gets-a-merit-badge/

We plan on continuing to be a nightmare to the enemies of freedom and liberty.

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