Is Property in the United States a United Nations’ Compound?

Camp Constitution instructor and Agenda 21 expert Debbie Bacigalupi attended the 68th Civil Society Conference held at the Salt Lake City Conference Center August 26-28, 2019 and made this short video of United Nations police telling a women that the convention center was a “U.N. compound and she could not film on U.N. territory.

UN Policeman: Uh, mam…

UN Policewoman: I ask you to turn off your camera when we speak

Mother of 4: Oh, turn off the camera? Do I not have a right to have a camera?

UN Police woman: I do not give you permission to film

Mother: Are you a public servant?

UN Policewoman: I’m a United Nations Security Officer

Mother: Ok, this is my city and so I have a right to film

UN Policewoman: This is a United Nations Compound

Mother: Uhh a United Nations Compound?

UN Policewoman: Yes

Mother: This is a compound?
UN Policewoman:  Since Sunday evening we took the convention center over and it is international territory.  When you step outside it’s USA… In here international United Nations Compound

UN Policewoman: We need to close up now

UN Policeman: Kindly just Pick up the blankets that are in the way of passage

Mother: Elevator is not in use

I already agreed to do that so I don’t know why you are I agreed do that. You have one of our cards

UN Policewoman

Yah. You have beautiful children. I have children too.