Critical Race Theory or Crazy Racist Trash: A Presentation by Rev. Steve Craft

Camp Constitution Speaker’s Bureau recently sponsored a presentation by Rev. Steve Craft entitled “Critical Race Theory or Crazy Racist Trash.”  It was hosted by the Community Church of Alton, NH.  Rev. Craft said that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is little more than a plan to cause hate, and division, and if it is not stopped, will lead to a race war-a goal that the enemies of the United States have been promoting for many years. Rev. Craft referenced a book entitled Color, Communism, and Common Sense written by Manning Johnson in 1959.  Rev. Craft explained that Johnson, who was raised in the Christian Church, was recruited into the Communist Party believing that the only white people who cared about black Americans were communists.  He was so highly regarded by communist leaders, that he was sent to Moscow for training.  He soon realized that the communists were using black Americans as cannon fodder for a revolution.  He left the party and spent the rest of his life exposing communism.  A link to a PDF version of the book:,%20Communism,%20and%20Common%20Sense.PDF  And a link to where a hard copy can be purchased:

Rev. Craft explained that while racism did, and still  exists, the United States is not a systemically racist county.  He said America has a “sin problem not a skin problem.”   Craft refuted the CRT doctrine that all whites are oppressors, and all blacks are the oppressed.  He called it is nonsense to suggest that a homeless white man who eats his meals at the Salvation Army is oppressing the likes of Oprah Winfrey, a billionaire and LeBron James, a multi-millionaire.  “If Oprah is oppressed, give me some of that oppression, baby” he said.  The presentation is available on Camp Constitution’s YouTube  and Rumble pages as well as Wolfeboro Community TV: