Cancel Culture Loses In Syracuse, NY: Columbus Statue Stays

Cultural Marxists were dealt a defeat in Syracuse, NY when a judge ruled that its mayor did not have the authority to remove a statue of Christopher Columbus.  This is what happens when Americans push back.   Here is the news release form the Columbus Monument Corporation:


We are pleased with the Court’s decision to preserve the historic Columbus Monument as
is, in its original location, where it was dedicated by over 40,000 Onondaga County citizens
in 1934. We appreciate the Court’s careful consideration of our petition requesting that
this important public art be preserved. The decision reflects the extent to which the court
heard and analyzed the arguments of all parties.

The court confirmed the right of the petitioners to have standing to commence this action.
Some of the petitioners actually contributed money towards the monument’s restoration
over twenty years ago. The Court accepted our arguments and ordered that:

1. The City is required to maintain the Monument as required by law and the trust
provisions of the City Charter;

2. The Columbus Monument is both a piece of recognized public art under the City’s
Code of Ordinances that the City has no right to alter or remove any part of it from its
place on St. Mary’s Circle; and

3. The monument has not exceeded its useful life.
In order to have the right to assert our claims we have not only to demonstrate an illegal
act, but also a “need to demonstrate bad faith”. The Court determined that the Mayor
actually exceeded his authority and that his action was “an overreach and an exemplar of
bad faith”.

The Court’s decision confirmed that the City had entered into a contract to maintain and
preserve the monument for its useful life. At the Mayor’s direction, the City Corporation
Counsel’s office represented to the State that the City “made the decision to remove the
Columbus Statue and modify Columbus Circle” to get around the City’s obligation to
maintain the Columbus Monument for its useful life. The Court found those actions to be
both “disingenuous” and “disheartening”.

The decision also ordered that the misrepresented agreement that the City attempted to file
to hide its obligation to maintain the monument for its useful life is null and void and the
Court order the Onondaga County Clerk to expunge the document from the records.
It remains the position of the Columbus Monument Association and the other petitioners
that changes by certain community leaders about their interpretation, sensitivity and
historical perspective is not a basis to destroy or remove the Columbus Monument.
We reaffirm our openness to work with the community to expand St. Mary’s Circle with
additional perspectives and representations.
With the Court’s resolution of this issue, it is time for everyone to come back together and
work collectively on an additive approach to Syracuse public art, celebrating our city’s other
rich ethnic heritages. This has been the approach taken in New York City. The Columbus
Monument Corporation would be pleased to take a lead role in that initiative.

Contact: Anthony Ilacqua
(315) 450-8669