Camp Constitution’s Six-Month Report 2021


  Since our move to Alton, NH in December, many doors have been opened to us.  Two churches in the area have offered their building for our use, and we have taken them up on their generous offers,  and conducted events at both churches.  Our monthly column in the weekly paper ‘The Weirs Times” has made us many new friends.  Recently, while running a few errands, a lady saw me coming out of or van, and thanked me for the article I did about Independence Day.   

  YouTube and Rumble Channels: 

We are averaging 5,000 views per month and 40 new subscribers/   Our most popular video is remains “The Battle of Lexington Reenactment.”  One of our videos an interview with Jim Perloff about Covid 19 or the Chinese Communist Party Virus was taken down, and we were given a warning.  We started an account on Rumble and plan to upload our new videos on the Rumble page and encourage readers to subscribe.


The Sam Blumenfeld Archive:

Over ½ million views, 12,500 downloads of “Alpha-Phonics, and over 1,000 downloads of Sam’s other books.  We received word from a teacher in Zimbabwe that his school of over 300 students is using Sam’s ‘Alpha-Phonics” after finding our archive on the web.  He asked for a donation of “Phonics for Success”, and we sent him a case of the books with plans to send more.

Camp Constitution Radio on Podomatic:

We have been in the top five for the conservative category with 3,800 visits, 1825 downloads of shows and 700 plays. We interviewed author James Perloff, Kevin McGary, co-founder of Every Black Life Matters, and in addition to our radio shows, we are posting audio presentations by Sam Blumenfeld 

 Facebook Page:

We continue to get new likes from our page.  We also admin about eight groups.  As mentioned in the quarterly report, we expect at some point to be banned from Facebook, so we created an account at Me We   While social media has helped us to some extent and post, we are not dependent on social media.  We believe in getting out and meeting and networking with people.

Speaker’s Bureau:

We had twenty-five speaking engagements that we either hosted or were invited by other groups which includes events in Pittsburg, PA, Southington, CT, Berlin, NH.  We have numerous events and speaking engagements lined up for the next three months.

Camp Constitution’s Website:

We had 4,000 views for this period, and posted 78 blogs:

Camp Constitution Press:

We recently reprinted “Alpha-Phonics” and have had several printings of “Color, Communism, and Common Sense”, and “And Not a Shot if Fired.”

Camp Constitution Book Sales:                           

We have raised close to $4,000 from donated books from our Amazon, Facebook page, and on-line bookstore.   And the book donations keep coming our way.

Camp Constitution Media:

We videotaped the annual celebration of Evacuation Day at Boston’s Dorchester Heights.  We also videotaped presentations at the annual Second Amendment/Flag Day Rally in Auburn, MA, and our 1st Annual Memorial Day Barbecue.

Article V Convention: 

We took a role in the resounding defeat of two pro-Article V resolutions in New Hampshire, and hosted a radio debate with Robert Brown (against an Article V Convention) and New Hampshire State Rep Max Abramson 

 Camp Constitution in the News:

Our Christian flag lawsuit was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court in late June and several dozen media outlets carried the story including Fox News  As a result of this news story, we were invited to speak about the issue on several radio shows-one which is nationally syndicated.   We started writing a monthly column is a Maine newspaper in January, and since, May, have a monthly column in a New Hampshire paper- “The Weirs Times.”


Radio and Cable TV: 

We were guests on several radio shows including several that air on Wisconsin Christian News Network, and an appearance on the Inform New Hampshire Show in Manchester, NH.  A nationally syndicated radio show scheduled us in July because of the Christian flag lawsuit.

The Lane House and Learning Center:

      We have resumed our monthly luncheons and evening meetings.  In April, we hosted presentations by Coach Dave Daubenmire, and author Jim Perlofff, and we held our 1st Annual Memorial Day Barbecue with guest speaker Barbara from Harlem.

 Camp Constitution Ladies Group:

       The Ladies held their successful “Spring Fling” event in mid- April at Singing Hills Camp and have booked a weekend on October and the Spring of 2022.

The Agenda 21 Challenge: 

     Debbie Bacigalupi created Camp Constitution’s Agenda 21 Challenge. One of the outcomes is a Podcast entitled “Truth from the Youth” with veteran campers Gus Kalis and Stephen Mauder. We have posted the Podcasts on our Podomatic Page:   Debbie and her Agenda 21 Challenge members will conduct a presentation at our annual camp.


Camp Constitution’s 2021 Family Camp:

We are expecting out largest turnout in our history, and, as of last week, are full and cannot accept any new applications.

How you can help Camp Constitution grow:

* Keep Camp Constitution and our nation in your prayers.

* Become a donor. Monthly and/or one-time donations can be made via our PayPal account accessed from our website

* Host one of our speakers.

*  Introduce Camp Constitution to family and friends.

*Write an article for our camp blog.

Thank you for all you do in the freedom movement.   May God bless you.

Hal Shurtleff, Director
Camp Constitution