Camp Constitution’s Report for the 1st Quarter of 2019

Camp Constitution’s Report for the 1st Quarter of 2019
YouTube Channel:  We reached one million views in early March, and average over 1.200 views per day with close to 4,500 subscribers. Debbie Bacigalupi’s class on Agenda 21 from last year’s camp is one of the top performers with  50,000 views.  We are converting many of Sam Blumenfeld’s audios from the archive and uploading them on our channel. 

The Sam Blumenfeld Archive:  475,000 visits.  34,000 Alpha-Phonics downloaded, and 4,500 Alpha-Phonics Instructions Workbook downloaded.  Thanks to the efforts of our webmaster Eric Conover, we wrote a foreword to the “Alpha-Phonics” where we suggested that viewers make donations and provided a link to our PayPal account.

Podomatic:   We are usually in the top 10 for the “conservative right” category which has about 160 shows.  We had 316 downloads of our radio show, and over 1,800 visits

Facebook Page:   We have over 1,800 people who like our page, and reach an average of 400 per week. 

Speaker’s Bureau:   We had nine speaking engagements where we conducted power point presentations on Agenda 21, the plastic bag ban, the U.S. Constitution, and the Dangers of an Article V Convention.  These presentations were conducted in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and Virginia.  We booked approximately 12 engagements over the next few months

 Information Tables:    We had information tables at several events including the Homeschoolers of Maine’s Annual Convention where we participated in a workshop. 
 Camp Constitution Press:  Thanks to one of our supporters, we reprinted ElementaryCatechism on the U.S. Constitution with a foreword by Ruth Harper.  We recently found an unpublished manuscript by Sam Blumenfeld entitled School-Induced Dyslexia and How It Deforms a Child’s Brain, and plan to put it in print over the next few months.

Camp Constitution Book Sales:    We raised approximately $1,000 from our sale of donated books on Amazon and Facebook, and had numerous books donated to us over the past quarter.  We updated our on-line book store or shop and will be adding to the inventory over the next few months. 

Camp Constitution Media:  We attended and videotaped  the annual Lobby Day at the Massachusetts State House hosted by the Massachusetts Family Institute, a presentation on the life of Joseph Warren by historian Christian Di Spina sponsored by the Sons of the Revolution, and a press conference we sponsored with Professor Willie Soon, and Joe D’Aleo, co-founder of the Weather Channel.

Article V Convention:    With Norman Tregenza’s help, we organized a group of people to testify in favor of a New Hampshire resolution to rescind its state’s Article V application.  While the resolution was tabled, we got word that it has a good change of passing it next year.  We distributed literature on the problems of an Article V Convention at the Pennsylvania State House, and gave a presentation on the subject to a well-attended group in Virginia.  We sent out E-mail alerts to our supporters around the country, and on our  Camp Constitution Radio Show  and the radio shows we guest host, we interviewed experts on Article V including Robert Brown and Joe Wolverton.

Camp Constitution in the News:   Thanks to Professor Soon’s influence in the “climate realism” community, a letter to the editor I wrote on Boston’s plastic bag ban, was turned into an article and published on approximately 15 on-line sources including the Heartland Institute, CFACT and Canada Free Press. It also appeared as a front page story in a Boston newspaper.   Our Agenda 21 Cable TV interview in Rutland, Vermont was covered by several media outlets.  Our lawsuit against the City of Boston generated an article on World Net Daily, and the New Boston Post.

 Radio and Cable TV: In addition to our weekly radio show, we guest hosted three radio shows, and appear as regular guests every other week on the Dianna Ploss Show which airs on WSMN-AM 1590 Nashua, NH. We were interviewed on several cable TV and on-line shows.
Special Projects:   The documentary Unsustainable is under production and we will have several our instructors participating in the program including Debbie Bacigalupi, Professor Willie Soon, Lord Christopher Monckton, Tom DeWeese, Dave Kopacz and me.  Since we will be at our annual family camp, the documentary’s director, James Jaeger will film the interviews at camp. 

      And, we are busy promoting, planning and scheduling activities and classes for what we hope will be our best family camp in our history. 
       How can you help? Here are a few suggestions:
       1, Pray that God will continue to bless our efforts.
        2, Become a donor.  Donations can be made via our PayPal account accessed  from our website
     3, Attend our annual family camp or, if you can’t attend, help sponsor a worthy young person or family.
     4, Sponsor a camp speaker and/or host a “What is Camp Constitution Presentation.”

     5, Subscribe, view and share our videos on YouTube
      Thanks to all of you who make our camp program possible.
       Hal Shurtleff, Director
      Camp Constitution