Camp Constitution’s Nine Month Report for 2020


Our Annual Family Camp:  While our attendance was down slightly, we had an incredible camp this year.  We had an excellent line-up of instructors.   Actress Janine Turner’s classes were a big hit with the campers and staff.   One of our new instructors was 92-year old Bill Glenny-one of the last of the Nuremberg prison guards- who related his experiences guarding the likes of Rudolph Hess and Hermann Goring.  Instructor Debbie Bacigalupi launched the Agenda 21 Challenge offering camp scholarships to campers who worked to expose Agenda 21 in their communities.  She already has raised $5,000.  Numerous campers took her up on the challenge and are planning projects in their communities.  James Jaeger, director of the documentary “Unsustainable” filmed parts of his movie at camp with interviews of Rev. Steve Craft, Professor Willie Soon, Debbie Bacigalupi. Lord Monckton, John McManus, and me.  Camp Constitution will be credited in the documentary.

YouTube Channel:  We have over to 1.25 million views and averaging over 500 views per day with 5,000 subscribers.  Debbie Bacigalupi’ s class from last year’s camp has received close to 60,000 views.

The Sam Blumenfeld Archive:  Over 1.6 million hits.   88,000 Alpha-Phonics downloaded, 14,000 Alpha-Phonics Instructions Workbook downloaded and over 15,000 copies of Sam’s other books.  Donations made by folks downloading has been modest but steady. We are pleased to learn that among those who download Sam’s Alpha-Phonics are teachers, and college professors.


Camp Constitution Radio on Podomatic:   For the past four years, we have been hosting a 30-minute weekly radio show which airs on WBCQ The Planet.  We upload the shows to our Podomatic Page. We have been  in the Top 10 most days and got as far as “3” for the “conservative right” category which has about 180  shows.  We had 1,681 downloads of our radio show, and 5,150 visits.

Facebook Page:   We have over to 2,400 people who like our page and reach an average of 500 per week.  Our live Facebook feeds receive an average of 5,000 views.  Our two latest live feeds have received over 30,000 views.

Speaker’s Bureau:   We had 30 speaking engagements where we conducted power point presentation on Cultural Marxism, the Sam Blumenfeld Archives, Agenda 21, the plastic bag ban, the U.S. Constitution, and the Dangers of an Article V Convention.  These presentations were conducted in Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and Virginia.  We also sponsored five showing of Gosnell The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer, and two showings of “Unplanned.”

 Information Tables and Outreach   We had information tables at numerous events including homeschool conventions in Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, the Red Pill Expo in Hartford, CT, and  floats in the Dedham, MA Flag Day Parade, and the Pittsfield, MA Independence Day Parade.

Camp Constitution Press:  Thanks to one of our supporters, we reprinted Elementary Catechism on the U.S. Constitution with a foreword by Ruth Harper,  Color, Communism, and Common Sense and several other titles.  We plan to publish Sam Blumenfeld’s School-Induced Dyslexia and How It Deforms a Child’s Brain.  

Camp Constitution Book Sales:    We raised approximately $4,000 from our sale of donated books on Amazon, Facebook, and information tables.   We had numerous books donated to us over the past nine months including over 1,000 from an estate in early September

Camp Constitution Media:  We attended and videotaped  the annual Lobby Day at the Massachusetts State House hosted by the Massachusetts Family Institute, a Pro-Life press conference at the State House, a  presentation on the life of Joseph Warren by historian Christian Di Spina sponsored by the Sons of the Revolution,  a press conference we sponsored with Professor Willie Soon, and Joe D’Aleo, co-founder of the Weather Channel, and co-hosted  “Save the Persecuted Christians” Banner Display and Presentation at the Massachusetts State House, and  on September 29,  we attended the Communist China flag-raising at Boston’s City Hall Plaza.  Our Facebook live feeds of this event have gone viral with well over 70,000 views in just a day.

Article V Convention:    With Norman Tregenza’s help, we organized a group of people to testify in favor of a New Hampshire resolution to rescind its states Article V application.  While the resolution was tabled, we got word that we have a good chance of passing it next year.  We distributed literature on the problems of an Article V Convention at the Pennsylvania State House and gave a presentation on the subject to a well -attended group in Virginia.  We send out E-mail alerts to our supporters around the country, and both on Camp Constitution Radio and the radio shows we guest host, we interview experts on Article V including Robert Brown and Joe Wolverton.  Not one state where we had “boots on the ground” had any new Article V resolutions pass.

Camp Constitution in the News:    In July, our legal team at Liberty Counsel filed a new lawsuit against the City of Boston due to its discrimination against flying the Christian flag.   This generated more media than we have ever received.  Dozens if not hundreds of media outlets, newspapers, radio shows, and on-line news sources including Breitbart, the Blaze and World New Daily covered the story.  Fox TV did a story that was aired all over the United States.  I was interviewed by Fox Online, and appeared as a guest on the Jeff Kuhner Show which is one of the most popular talk show hosts in New England.   We discovered that 15 left-wing groups have filed an amicus brief against our lawsuit  Thanks to Professor Soon’s influence in the “climate realism” community, a letter to the editor I wrote on Boston’s plastic bag ban, was turned into an article and published on approximately 15 on-line sources including the Heartland Institute, CFACT and Canada Free Press.  Our Agenda 21 Cable TV interview in Rutland, Vermont was covered by several media outlets.

Radio and Cable TV: In addition to our weekly radio show, with Tom Moor’s help, we guest hosted 12 radio shows, and appear as regular guests every other week on a radio station in Nashua, NH.  We appeared as guest on several radio shows for the first time in Albany, NY, Fall River, and Boston, MA We were interviewed on several cable TV and on-line shows.  We had two appearances on the David Knight Show.

Camp Constitution Reading Hour:  We launched Library Reading Hour Camp Constitution Reading at public libraries and have received several bookings already.  We plan on creating a page on our website with resources and recommended reading.  Readers of this report are encouraged to help us with this project.

 Camp Constitution Van:  Thanks to a donor, we were able to purchase a  2019 Chevrolet Minivan replacing another donated vehicle with over 265,000 miles,  Bruce Socha of Socha Signs, a Camp Constitution sponsor,  did a wrap of the van which makes it a traveling billboard generating  plenty of interest.

A Camp of Our Own?   We have become aware of the availability of a facility and are working on a business plan to submit to the owners of this camp sometime early next year.

Camp Constitution’s 2020 Camp:   Our 2020 annual family camp will be held at the Singing Hills Christian Camp in Plainfield, NH from July 19-24.  Instructors will include Alex Newman, Professor Willie Soon,  Catherine White, and Debbie Bacigalupi.

Thanks to all of you who make our camp program possible.

   How can you help? Here are a few suggestions:

1, Pray that God will continue to bless our efforts.

2, Become a donor.  Donations can be made via our PayPal account accessed     from our website

3, Attend our annual family camp or  help sponsor a worthy young person or family.

4, Sponsor a camp speaker and/or host a “What is Camp Constitution Presentation

5, Subscribe, view and share our videos on YouTube


Hal Shurtleff, Director

Camp Constitution