Camp Constitution Remembers Colonel Bob Kingsbury

On this Veteran’s Day, we want to honor the memory of Colonel Robert Kingsbury, who served as a scout for General Patton in World War II, and later became a lt-colonel.  Bob was a good friend, and a supporter of Camp Constitution.  He passed away in September 2013 at the age of 87.  Here is a video of his motivational speech he gave at Camp Constitution’s 2010 annual family camp:

Bob was active and vibrant up until the last few months of his life.  I visited him in the hospital where he handed me a photocopy of a 30 page plus letter he sent to A. Harding Ganz, a history professor from Ohio.   I asked Bob if Camp Constitution Press can publish it, and  he gladly gave us the permission.  Here is a link to a PDF version:

Camp Constitution Salutes the Veterans of the United States.