A Report on the Open Massachusetts Rally in Swampscott


Yesterday,  Saturday May 16, Super Happy Fun America SHFA hosted the Open Massachusetts Rally in Swampscott, Massachusetts a short distance from the home of Governor Charlie Baker , a  far leftft-wing “Never Trumper” Republican. The rally drew between 350-400.   The attendees were rightfully critical of Baker’s  polices which include the closing of churches, the arrest of pastors who defy his unconstitutional order,  keeping  abortion mills  open,  and making the wearing of facemarks mandatory.   His lockdown of the state has the hearty approval of Communist groups like Resist Fascism whose members were on hand to defend Baker’s policies.  Baker is clearly abusing his authority issuing unconstitutional decrees while the state’s economy is  being destroyed.

Speakers at the rally included John Hugo, Mark Sahady and Sampson Ricioppi of Super Happy Fun America,  Bao Chau Kelley of Vietnamese for Trump,  Christian Motorcycle Club member “The Wolfman, Leon Armstrong,  and me.   Rev. Steve Craft set the tone with his powerful opening prayer:



State and local police acted in a professional manner even saluting the flag while the National Anthem was played.