Camp Constitution Ladies” Fall “Advance” Friday October 1 to Sunday October 3 at the Singing Hills Christian Camp Plainfield, NH

   Singing Hills Christian Camp  71 King Drive Plainfield NH (an hour north and west of Concord, NH) will again be the venue  for our Ladies Fall “Advance” which starts on Friday evening after 5:00 PM October 1, and ends after lunch on Sunday October 3.  Our main speaker will be Mrs. Paulie Heath (see bio below).  She is going to present the unique marriage of John and Abigail Adams,  and how it relates to present day relationships.  Without the strength of our founding mothers this country might have sorted out differently.
 As soon as you register for the event, we will send you your copy of Dearest Friend, the book based on the Adams’ relationship.  If you can  make a little time out of your busy schedule you can get a head start on the story  In addition, Edith Craft will be leading devotions, and we are hoping that Edith and Paulie will lead us in song.
  Maura Shurtleff  will teach us a wonderful craft and how to make bows for the holidays. Kathy Mickle will be updating us on public education and critical thought as well as the LGBT issues.  We will be going morning movement and campfire.  The food will be great as always, will a potluck on Friday night. Let us know what food and/or drink you plan to bring.
  The event will start after 5:00 PM on Friday.  The cost is $200. which includes five meals, materials, and two nights lodging.    A link to the release form:     Payments can be made via our PayPal account accessed from our web site’s homepage or by check payable to Camp Constitution and mailed to me 146 Powder Mill Rd. Alton, NH 03809.


Contact Roberta Stewart  with any questions  at 301.233.8613.

  Paulie Heath’s bio:
  Paulie Heath writes inspirational, contemporary Christian songs from the heart. Her soothing  voice and pointed lyrics are simply an outgrowth of what’s deep in her soul.  She studied music in college and performs throughout the Northeast United States and beyond… Paulie enjoys singing & speaking at ladies retreats,  Mother’s Day & Christmas  Teas, Girls’ Getaway Weekends, and in women’s prisons. 
  Hal Shurtleff, Director 
  Camp Constitution