Camp Constitution in the County


On Saturday December 4, Camp Constitution held a “Camp Constitution in the County” seminar at the Salvation Army Church in Houlton, Maine. Speakers included Rev. Steve Craft, Jack McCarthy, and I, and  we played a video message from Coach Dave Daubenmire while  Mike Heath Zoomed in with a short message for the attendees.  Edith Craft, Jessica Whitworth and Louise Roy ran our “Patriot Camp” for the young patriots.

Our presentations:  Know Your Constitution, Exposing CRT-Crazy Racist Trash, Impeachment and a message from Coach Dave Daubenmire were videotaped and uploaded on our Rumble page:

Special thanks to Bob Roy and Julie Russo-Chapla for organizing the event; Dave Chapla for his culinary skills, Pastor Frank Nataluk for hosting us, Past or Ron Doughty for providing lodging and Dave and Tammy  Deschesne of the  Fort Fairfield Journal for reporting the event.

Rev. Steve Craft at the podium