Camp Constitution Flag Contest Winners

At the closing ceremonies of our annual family camp, we announced a contest to design a Camp Constitution flag.  The winner would get their camp tuition paid for 2022.  We encouraged parents to help as well.  Initially, we were just going to choose one flag but we got some entries from junior campers-camp attendees eleven and under.  So, we decided to choose two flags-one that will be the  flag for Camp Constitution and one that will be the flag for the junior campers.

The winner for the junior camper flag is  Lielle Chu who drew this flag:

The winner for the Camp Constitution flag is David Krutov.  One of his younger siblings will get a free tuition for next year’s camp.

Dave explains the symbolism in his flag:

The Cross represents Jesus, and how he is central to our philosophy. The dates are representative Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The entire assembly represents “Honoring the past.” The stripes represent America in the present, and thus “Teaching the Present” And finally, the triangle is swept forward, which represents moving forward, thus is symbolic of “Preparing the Future”

We will have several 3′ x 5′ versions of these flags made, and be on display at our family camps, and other events.  Thanks to all who participated in the contest, and congratulations to Lielle and Dave.