Camp Constitution 2015 Pictures


musket 144During this year’s fabulous camp, the newspaper staff collected over 1400 photos from several cameras during the course of publishing the daily camp newspaper. Campers and staff interested in downloading choice photos should go to the archive here. I expect the archive to be online for a few months, but there is a considerable amount of disk space associated with the archive, so it will most likely be removed to dvd storage at some point. Get your photos while they are available! The sample photo was taken during the musket training provided by “Patriot” Pastor Garrett Lear. Andrew Affleck, Junior Patriot Camper, fires a blank round with guidance & instruction by the good Pastor. The lesson included fundamental facts about the concept of a militia, the duty and requirements of those who served, the tools of the trade and inspirational dialog. This was an extremely popular event with the entire camp.