A Convention of Elites–Mark Meckler of the Convention of States Makes a Case Against an Article V Convention

 Mark Meckler, Co-founder of the Convention of States Project has been very busy over the past few years lobbying state legislators to pass resolutions applying for an Article V Convention.  But a visit to the Living Room Conversations web site, we find an interesting quote from Mr. Mecker:

Mark Meckler, cofounder, Tea Party Patriots. “I am an enthusiastic champion for Living Room Conversations because over the last several years I’ve come to realize that the largest divide in this country is not between the citizens of one party or another, but between the citizens and the Ruling Elite in Washington, DC and the state capitols. Those in power want us to hate each other, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, and state against state. They like conservatives to hate liberals, Democrats to hate Republicans, and they want us hating each other over any issue where they can foment discord. They do this because it is profitable for them. While the majority of Americans say that Washington, DC and government in general are broken, the majority of those in office think things are working well because they gain money, power and prestige from the division they sow. The status quo does not serve the people of this country and Living Room Conversations is a critical step in helping people to see that they have a lot in common with those they’ve been told by the politicians and the media that they should hate. Only by learning to respect each other, and work together in this way is real change possible.”http://www.livingroomconversations.org/champions_2

He makes a claim that there is a ruling elite not only in Washington, D.C, but also at the state capitols.   When he testifies in front of state legislators, he doesn’t seem to mention these “Ruling Elite”  who are in power.  If he is correct, then why would he believe that an Article V Convention would be free of the Ruling Elite who want us to hate each other?