Maine’s Governor Janet Mills Refuses to Sign Homeschool Week Proclamation Which Has Been Done By Every Governor Since 1988

Maine’s Governor Janet Mills has refused to sign a proclamation to acknowledge the first week of May as Homeschool Education Week even though every governor has signed the proclamation since 1988.  Her reason:  It isn’t justified since there aren’t a sufficient amount of homeschoolers.  It is estimated that there are over 6,000 homeschooled students in Maine, 12,000 parents. and several thousand others who volunteer their time with homeschool support groups.   The Governor’s claim that a proclamation isn’t warranted due to the few numbers of homeschoolers is at best disingenuous.  Her very first proclamation was given to Mr. George Smith:

Camp Constitution interviewed Mr. Isiah Larey of Homeschoolers of Maine at their well-attended annual convention in Rockport on Saturday explaining  the petition his group created  urging the Governor to reconsider



The petition reads:

Readers are encouraged to sign the petition and share it with other.