Evacuation Day March 17


Today, March 17, 2023marks the 248th anniversary of the British evacuation from Boston and General George Washington’s 1st victory.  After the Battle of Bunker Hill which took place on June 1775, Boston was under siege from the newly formed Continental Army.  In early March of 1776, cannons captured at Ford Ticonderoga transported to Boston, under the leadership of General Henry Knox. and used to fortify Dorchester Heights in South Boston. This allowed the Continental Army to be able to fire cannons unopposed by the British.  After viewing the efforts of the Colonialists, British General William Howe said “The rebels have done more in one night than my whole army would have done in a month.”  Howe who didn’t want to see a repeat of the Battle of Bunker Hill which was won by the British but at a high cost of lives, decided to vacate Boston.

Every year, the Henry Knox Color Guard of the Massachusetts Sons of the Revolution,  https://www.massar.org/ , celebrate this important day in our history with a ceremony on Dorchester Heights.  This ceremony took place on March 17, 2021.  Camp Constitution was on hand: