Wins for our side for the year 2018-Article V Convention

Wins for our side for the year 2018:

 Idaho HCR 32 Convention of States Project (COSP): dead!  2/9/18

New Hampshire HCR10 (COSP); HCR12 (term limits); HB1268 (delegate); HJR 4 (laws apply equally to Congress): all dead!  2/8/18 (HB1268; 3/6/18 (HJR4); 3/6/18 (HCR 10); 3/15/18 (HCR12);

South Dakota SJR3 (COSP): dead!  2/14/18

Virginia HJR 49 & SJR 31 “left in rules” [i.e., died] 11/30/18 (COSP’s model delegate bill).

SJ11 Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) defeated in Rules; & SJ26 (BBA)–incorporated into SJ11): both dead 2/9/18.

Wyoming HJ 10 (COSP) 2/16/18; HJ3 (one subject) 2/14/18: both dead!

Utah – Session closed & the “protected” COSP application was never numbered and introduced! dead! 3/8/18 protected bill “abandoned” on sine die.

Kansas – SCR 1611 (COSP): dead!  Defeated 22-16 on Senate floor 3/8/18 – needed 2/3 vote).  HCR5005 (COSP) finally died in committee at sine die 5/4/18.

West Virginia: HB 2114 (COSP delegate); HCR57 (COSP); SB95 (delegate); SCR9 (COSP); SCR10 (Wolf PAC). This is a State that almost passed COSP in 2017: all dead!  3/10/18

Indiana: Adjourned 314/18. SJR14 (one subject) dead; 3/1/18: Senate passed SR0042, a bill urging the Legislative Council to assign the Compact for America legislation to an interim study committee. (Required Senate passage only).

Mississippi: HC 56 (COSP) passed a House Committee and the full House on 3/22/18 with no public notice of the hearing in Committee and vote on the Floor of the House. The only way COSP can get their dangerous resolutions passed is to get it done behind closed doors before the Public finds out about them. Note the irony that COSP pretends to be about bringing government back to the people! We went into immediate action when it passed the House: Happily, HC 56 was killed in a Senate Committee on 3/23/18. So, HC 56 (COSP) died on 3/23/18.

Other applications for an Article V convention also died at sine die 3/28/18: HC31 (BBA); SC509 (term limits); SCR511 (1 subject); SCR510 (BBA); SCR 548 (COSP); SC644 (COSP).

Georgia: 3/30/18 adjourned sine die and did not pass HR217 and SR195 (term limits). SR195 passed the Senate only 3/9/17.

 Kentucky: HB 282 (COSP Delegate); HJR8, HJR12, HJR 47, & HJR 81 (COSP); & HJR119 (BBA): all dead! HJR12 & HJR47 were withdrawn 1/11/18; HJR8 was withdrawn 1/18/18; HJR119, HB282; & HJR81 died at sine die 4/14/18.

Nebraska: LB 1058 (COSP’s delegate bill) & LR 6 (COSP) are dead! LB1058 did not advance 4/5/17 and was indefinitely postponed 4/18/18; LR6 was not prioritized and died at sine die 4/18/18. LR268 (Wolf PAC) and LR266 (Rescission) died at sine die 4/18/18.

Maryland:  SJ 8 & HJR 6 (COSP); HJ 11 & SJ 7 (Wolf PAC); HJ 4 (term limits):  all dead at sine die 4/10/18.

Tennessee:  COSP’s HB 1973 (SB 2452) model delegate bill which created secretly elected super powerful “Convention of States Joint Committee” is dead! Adjourned sine die 4/25/18; fiscal note killed these. SJR0092 (term limits) died at sine die 4/25/18 (and minor bills).

 Washington State:  HJM 4006 & SJM 8003 (COSP); HJM 4017 (BBA); HJM 4003 & SJM 8000 (Wolf PAC):  all dead!  Sine die 3/8/18.

Maine HP1251 (BBA); HP1232 (term limits); and SP667 (Wolf PAC) application: all dead! HP1251 and HP1232 failed 3/22/18; Wolf PAC died 2/13/18 – couldn’t agree what committee to send it to.

Hawaii: HCR 5, HCR 88, HR 7, HR 72, SR 16, SCR 33 (COSP); and HCR 207, HR 177, SCR 76, SR 45 (Wolf PAC):  all dead at 5/3/18 sine die!

Oklahoma:  Adjourned 5/3/15 sine die with HB1434 (Compact for America) and HJR1035 (Wolf PAC) pending.  Both are dead.  HJR 43 (delegate bill) passed.

Arizona: Adjourned 5/4/18 with HCR2024 (term limits) pending; passed full House & Senate committee. Dead now.

New Mexico:  HJR 11 (Wolf PAC) Postponed indefinitely 2/5/18.  Now dead.

Colorado: HJR18-1015, SJM18-005 (Wolf PAC):  4/25/18 indefinitely postponed.  Now dead.

Iowa:  HJR 11, HJR 12, SSB 1110, SJR 8 (COSP); and HJR8 & SJR5 (Wolf PAC): all dead at sine die 5/5/18!  HJR 11 was withdrawn on 3/15/17 and replaced by HJR12; SSB1110 was replaced with SJR8.

South Carolina: H.3233, S.0086, S.0878 (COSP); H.3473 & S.0547 (BBA); H.4174 & S.0571 (Wolf PAC); S.0545 and H.3567 (term limits): all dead at sine die 5/10/18!

Vermont:  J.R.H. 3 (COSP) & J.R.H. 11 (term limits) both dead at sine die 5/12/18!

Louisiana: SCR 87 (Wolf PAC): dead at sine die 5/18/18.  Failed vote; reconsideration pending at sine die.  HCR 4 (delegate bill) passed.

Missouri: SCR32 & HCR61 (Wolf PAC); HCR103 (Life); HCR92 (Marriage); SCR48 State powers; SCR91 Repeal 16th and 17th – all dead at sine die; SCR40 (term limits) passed 5/17/18.

Minnesota: HF2690, SF3490, & SF4105 (COSP); & SF3920 (one subject): all dead at sine die 5/20/18.

North Carolina:  SJR 36 (COSP) was fast-tracked thru the Senate in 2017 with last-minute, midnight hour, or closed-door Committee Meetings which were scheduled so quickly that the People of North Carolina had no time to attend, testify, or adequately respond.  It was defeated on a Floor vote in the House; but a few hours later, House Republicans voted to “reconsider” so that it could be voted on during the 2018 Session.  But the opposition to SJR 36 (which includes us) created so much controversy, and turned on enough lights in Republican Representative’s minds that the Republican Caucus decided not to call it up for a vote on the Floor.  Our letters, visits, and phone calls matter! North Carolina session ended June 29, 2018.

Illinois:  HR 0110, HR 0054, HJR 0018, HJR 0032, and SJR 0001 (COSP); and HB 2596 (COSP’s delegate bill) all dead at the end of the “veto” session of Nov. 2018.

Wisconsin:  AJR 35 & SJR 24 (Wolf PAC); SJR 18 (BBA); SB 107 & SJR 19 (delegate bill): all dead!

The States below were in session all year – these applications died at the end of the year 2018:

 Michigan: HB 6523 (COSP delegate bill) dead.  HJR V (COSP) dead.  SJR R (COSP) dead.

Ohio: HJR 2 (COSP) dead.  SJR 1 (COSP) dead.

 Pennsylvania: HR10 (countermand application); HR 11 (delegate bill) ;  HR 100 (delegate Bill); HR 187 (COSP); HR 357 (Wolf PAC); HR 647 (term limits); SR 133 (COSP); SR 134 (Regulation Freedom application); and SR 254 (Wolf PAC) all dead!

New York:  A 05109 & S 03317 (Wolf PAC) & B 00944, C01214, & J 05774 (COSP) are all dead.

Massachusetts:  H. 1929 & H. 4272 (COSP), S. 401 (COSP) & H. 1926 & S2243 (Wolf PAC) are dead.

Year End Tally:

The COSP application for an Article V convention

Our side defeated the COSP application for an Article V convention in 24 States this year:  Idaho, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Kansas, West Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Nebraska, Maryland, Washington State, Hawaii, Iowa, South Carolina, Vermont, Minnesota, North Carolina, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts.

COSP didn’t win any States this year.

 “Unfaithful delegate” bills

Our side defeated “unfaithful delegate” bills in 10 States this year:  New Hampshire, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Nebraska, Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Two States, Louisiana and Oklahoma, passed delegate bills this year; but that doesn’t hurt us because both States had already passed the COSP & BBA applications for an Article V convention.

Wolf PAC’s application for an Article V convention

Our side defeated the Wolf PAC application in 17 States this year:  West Virginia, Nebraska, Maryland, Washington State, Maine, Hawaii, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Iowa, South Carolina, Louisiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts.

Wolf PAC didn’t win any States this year.

Term Limits application for an Article V convention

Our side defeated the term limits application in 10 States this year:  New Hampshire, Mississippi, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee, Maine, Arizona, South Carolina, Vermont, and Pennsylvania.

Alabama (HJR 23) & Missouri passed the term limits application this year; but since they had already passed the COSP application, it didn’t matter.

The balanced budget amendment (BBA) application for an Article V convention

Our side defeated the BBA application in 7 States this year:  Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Washington State, Maine, South Carolina, and Wisconsin.

No States passed the BBA application this year.

Compact for America’s fake “balanced budget amendment”

No State this year ratified Compact for America’s scheme which, while pretending to require Congress to cut spending, actually delegates to Congress authority to impose a national sales tax and a national value added tax and keep the income tax!

Grateful Acknowledgements

Our work is made possible by Eagle Forum who has for several years paid our legislative subscription fee which makes it possible for us to closely monitor, track, and expeditiously act, on all Article V convention applications and delegate legislation filed in every State in the Union.

We also thank the Freedom First Society which will pay for our subscription the coming year to another valuable database.

We thank all the letter writers, the “boots on the ground”, and the national, statewide, and local organizations and individuals who put their shoulders to the plow to help defeat these applications for an Article V convention and the delegate bills.

REMEMBER: Congress may count the applications however they want – they may aggregate them to get the 34 total.  So it is imperative that we stop any new States from passing any “brand” of application and that we get States to rescind their existing applications.  2019 will be a bloodbath – don’t be complacent!